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The gun control movement, like all movements of the Left lie, they have to because the truth is to the Left what holy water is to vampires, but it may be what I call the Cult of Gun Control that dives the deepest into the lying pool.

Keep in mind that the folks pushing these lies know they are lies, so, ask yourself what is their real agenda.

April 3, 2016
Does any group lie more egregiously than the Cult of Gun Control?
[Hmmm… That last line is almost as if they read my blog.—Joe]


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  1. I have maintained that deception is the hallmark of evil. If the German people had been able to see through his deception, Adolf Hitler would not have been able to wreak the havoc upon humanity that he did. If the mugger or rapist was not able to deceive people, he would not be able to take advantage of his victims either. Watch for people who use deception to achieve their goals and beware of them.

    • Deception isn’t such a risk if the intended victims are armed. In the examples you gave, they aren’t. The criminals, and their enablers, like to say that it’s unfair for the victims to be armed. (Oleg Volk has some good photos about that; one is Little Red Riding Hood holding a pink AR15, with bayonet for good measure.)

      “Make no mistake: the only reason that they want to take your guns is so they can do things to you that they can’t do if you keep your guns.” — L. Neil Smith

      • “Make no mistake: the only reason that they want to take your guns is so they can do things to you that they can’t do if you keep your guns.”

        The leftist reply;
        “No it isn’t! And your culture needs to be eliminated!”

        It’s like the Islamists who simultaneously deny the Holocaust and call for finishing the job the Nazis started.

        Truth is false because it denies the very livelihood of the pirate.

        Freedom is slavery because it shackles the would-be slavemaster. And who are you to interfere anyway?

        Justices is injustice because it oppresses fellow members of society.

        Virtue is depravity because it imposes limits on one’s actions, therefore the imposition of virtue in society (such as the protection of individual rights in contravention of collectivist thinking) is both stupid (because it denies the smart people their deserved control over others) and oppressive because it makes certain people angry and frustrated.

        Evil wants to be “free” from good. Why should those who want such “freedom” suffer the impositions and limitations of good, right, and virtue which they view as old-fashioned, arbitrary, Man-made constructs?

        Good wants to be free from evil. Why should we be forced to suffer from that which is so clearly wrong? Why should we have to wait for justice, for is not justice delayed justice denied? Why should those who cheat, who violate Human rights and violate the constitution to gain an advantage, be allowed to operate for one more day?

        And so it is that we are at war. There is no proper compromise between liberty and slavery, between property rights and wholesale confiscation.

        But what is our best weapon?

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