Quote of the day—Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing

Several psychologists have stated that the white male obsession w/ holding/shooting guns is compensation for small pensises & low sex drive

Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
Tweeted on December 5, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a Tweet from Michael Z Williamson ‏@mzmadmike.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing

  1. Is pretending to be black another example of that compensation?

  2. If I had low sex drive, I wouldn’t care about the size of my penis one way or the other, and would therefore have no need, desire or reason to “compensate”. Besides; you can’t call me a “male” anymore, you genderist bigot!

    Get with the program. Maybe I’m a woman with a penis and I’m “compensating” for not having a uterus. Maybe your attempt at cruel mocking of me reveals your profound insensitivity and social oppression of minorities.

    One of the many problems with your kind is that you can’t keep up with your own bullshit. In only a few years, you’ve gone from calling us “fags” and “gun queers” to calling us homophobic. You can no longer come up with an insult that doesn’t make you a screaming hypocrite.

    You want to “empower women” while you want to disarm them and make them look to government for solutions to all their problems.
    You call us “queers” and “homophobes”, almost in the same breath.
    You call us paranoid while you’re out to get us.
    You call us fearful as we refuse to be intimidated by you.
    You call us bullies while we have a calming effect on violent crime.
    You accuse us of being sex-obsessed when you can barely talk about anything but sex.
    You preach to us about “diversity” while violently opposing other people’s viewpoints.
    You talk about freedom while doing everything you can to make every aspect of our lives into a federal government issue.

    This is what happens when you spend a hundred years putting down the strong, the honest and the productive, doing little else but dreaming up clever alternatives to the truth. Is there any issue on Earth you haven’t used to discredit yourselves?

    • And remember, “Diversity” to Leftists is a rainbow of colors but the same pernicious ideas inside. M&M diversity, if you will.
      And not even Peanut!

  3. And yet, Sigmund Freud said that a FEAR of weapons was a sign of suppressed sex drive. So which is it, O wise and wondrous (HA!) Shaun King?

    So now the Markley idiots are trying to back up their spurious claims with psychologists. It’s still bunkum.

  4. Since when was $JRandomPsychologist a reliable source of anything?

    • I thought psychiatrists agreed after WW2 that it was not professional to perform remote psycho-analysis of a person, that is when the person is not available to have private one-on-one conversations with the psychiatrist.
      At least until Barry Goldwater ran for President.

  5. Kinda transphobic there Shawn King, as not all men have penis’s…….

  6. We may be two different species.

    I know I would not interbreed with a liberal.

    They do not share the crucial things in common with the conservatives, and probably many libertarians. Things like:

    1) Sanctity of human life (e.g. murder by abortion, justice by capital punishment, self-defense)
    2) Property rights (e.g. private property versus community property, nationalized health care, wealth redistribution by progressive taxation, entitlements, and bailouts)
    3) Respect for Rule of Law (e.g. Trump victory, Electoral College, immigration laws, Fast & Furious, the Hildabeast not being in leg irons, ALL gun control laws as being unConstitutional)

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