Quote of the day—Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

The Centers for Disease Control, in a September 2011 report titled Noise and Lead Exposures at an Outdoor Firing Range—California, documents the importance of hearing protection in shooting. It determined that noise levels above 160 decibels are routine at gun ranges and how even repeated exposure at lower decibel levels can be as damaging as fewer exposures at higher levels. It recommended “double protection” (i.e., earplugs and earmuffs used together) as the best currently available protection. But it noted that

The only potentially effective noise control method to reduce students’ or instructors’ noise exposure from gunfire is through the use of noise suppressors that can be attached to the end of the gun barrel. However, some states do not permit civilians to use suppressors on firearms.

[Emphases added.]

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
March 2017
Position Paper in Favor of Firearm Suppressors to Prevent Hearing Loss
[The anti-gun people who claim:

There’s no evidence of a public health issue associated with hearing loss from gunfire.

Are lying, as usual, because that is the best they can come up with.—Joe]


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  1. Just look at what they oppose and propose.

    They will not even support a basic truly common sense safety measure for hearing protection (because it will make firearms even more desirable to citizens) while they want to insist on everyone having a “smart gun that will not fire unless Saturn is in eclipse and the owner is doing a headstand while reciting the koran.

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