Quote of the day—Rachel Dolezal

People didn’t seem able to consider that maybe both were true. OK, I was born to white parents, but maybe I had an authentic black identity.

Rachel Dolezal
March 24, 2017
Rachel Dolezal struggling after racial-identity scandal in Spokane
[And maybe I’m standing upright and on my head at the same time.

It’s not surprising that she changed her legal name in hopes it would help her get a job. But, “Nkechi Amare Diallo”? And then she tells the AP her new name?

The political left not only is the party of criminals it’s the party of the mentally ill (see also my post on Peterson Syndrome)..—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rachel Dolezal

  1. In your Peterson Syndrome thesis you are making the distinction between the criminal and the criminally insane.

    That discussion is best reserved for the sentencing phase of one’s trial, and so it is a secondary or tertiary matter.

    THAT the U.S. constitution (and the rights it protects) is under attack, and is being violated, is obvious. We can get to the WHY of the violations later, after we’ve arrested the perpetrators, tried and convicted them, and have come to the sentencing (only then do we have to decide whether they go to regular prison or the firing squad, or into a center for the criminally insane).

    The important thing is to prevent such people from acting out their crimes in public.

    THAT is why we have the Bill of Rights. The intent of it is to prevent such arguments (or such people with Peterson Syndrome or whatever) from becoming a threat to human rights. Its very purpose is to render such arguments (and such people) inconsequential to the security of a free state. They can believe whatever insane horseshit they want, they can never make laws based on it, and those who try to make such laws are stopped in their tracks. Until that mechanism is restored and re-activated, none of this tertiary stuff matters.

    We’ve put it off for so long that the criminally insane now hold title and position in our legal system.

  2. I believe she is the textbook example of “cultural appropriation.”

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