Expendable men

Times change.
But it ain’t all progress.

There has been a lot of social upheaval in recent years on the topics of equality, “equality,” women’s rights, men’s rights, patriarchy, the wage gap, marriage, MGTOW, misogyny versus misandry (I note the spell-checker has the previous but not the latter word), marginalizing men, etc. websites like Men of the West, videos like this

When liberal logic runs like this:

and I see this review of Beauty and the Beast:

And the amazing intellectual consistency of the Dems/ left like this:

When you get called hateful for not agreeing that all cultures are equality valid and good when some of them are doing things to Christian children like this:

and pop-cultural personalities say stupid shit like this

And don’t know

Collectively, they make a guy wonder – just how much more can western civilization take before its men stop taking shit from everyone, or will they rather let it all collapse? Getting people (pretty much everyone bent on extracting every possible dime from productive males) to change their thinking before they kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs will be hard.The samurai charged the artillery and rifles of the modern army with swords rather than change their thinking.

People don’t want to recognize this simple truth:

The feminists claim women are totally the equal of men, but want to vote without signing up for they selective service at 18. They claim that men are all potential rapists, but want us to give them everything for ever for free, just because they can say yes or no to sex. We are totally equal, but a man is responsible for all his actions no matter how drunk he is, while women are not responsible for anything that happens to them if they are intoxicated in the least degree.They want equal everything AND still want men to stand aside and die while saying “women and children first!” They treat boys like defective girls, while wanting girls to act more like boys. They demand equality, while thinking nothing of having seven specific government programs for women’s diseases and zero dedicated to men’s diseases. Not enough women in STEM? We need a program! Men committing suicide at record rates? Toughen up, weakling! They demand access to all the “cool” jobs that pay well, but not the risky, dirty, and low paying ones.  How long can that go on before men just say “I’m tired of this BS. I’m tire of being considered utterly expendable.”

When the men say that marriage, a wife, and children are just not worth it, civilization dies. A dying civilization with nukes and only 2% of its people involved in primary food production is unlikely to die gracefully. Because, well….

Piss on people long enough, and you might exterminate them. Or you might get:

Fortunately, we still have a sense of humor.

That is all.

For now.




12 thoughts on “Expendable men

  1. When I saw feminists supporting Islam I knew our secret lords and masters are having a good laugh.

    • It makes just as much sense as Jews, or blacks, or women, supporting victim disarmament.

  2. How about a definition of “strong man”? Who knows what that means anymore? The term would mean very different, and I would even say “opposite” things to different people. Indeed, the term, or the concept, has been so adulterated over the last 100 years that it is hardly discernable amongst the noise, misdirection, accusation and obfuscation, such that even most of us who deem ourselves “conservatives” in some way can no longer see it– We adopt the leftist, negative stereotypes (hard drinking, cussing, spitting, emotional, over-sexed, thrill-seeking, pleasure-seeking brute, for example) and call ourselves “men”.

    I present to you one example of a “strong man”;
    Gary Cooper’s character in the Movie High Noon. But then you’d need to know what to look for, even in what I might think of as an obvious example. You’d need to pay close attention to all the dialog throughout, because the few action scenes are NOT the story.

    He’s the only person in town who can see beyond his immediate, personal interests and fears, to arrive at the conclusion of what must be done, and further is able to overcome the protests (some very compelling) of all around him. He arrives at the proper conclusion, without rancor, without accusation or judgment against those who tell him he’s a fool and who refuse for various reasons (pretty much all conceivable reasons) to help.

    • “Strong man” is sort of like porn – hard to define, but you know one when you see him in action. And when you don’t. The mincer in pink shoes above isn’t it.

    • Robert Heinlein and Jeff Cooper both had pretty good definitions, I think.

      • And Heinlein recognized the expendability of men. To mix metaphors but keep within Sci-Fi, men are red shirts.

        • Being expendable for a worthwhile cause or spouse is one thing. Being generally expendable in exchange for nothing but contempt is another matter entirely. The first video above lays it out pretty well. There are a couple of Stefan Molyneux videos that do so as well. The roots of it are simple: sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive. But the dynamic of how that plays out in a non-tribal, non-familial, welfare-state environment is not very healthy for anyone involved.

  3. Long ago, the left proposed insanity as a tool of protest against “The System”. We’re only beginning to see the fruits of that cause.

    “The Rebel”, having been presented with all rational and moral arguments against his cause, becomes a gibbering, feces-throwing baboon in the hope that his violent insanity will be intimidating or irritating enough to keep us down. So far, he has little to indicate to him that he might be wrong in his assessment.

  4. A still unanswered question is why so many mothers raise their sons to be the kind of men they do not want as their significant others.

    • I think Ayn Rand’s answer to that question would be “self-hatred”.

    • It is because they cannot NOT do so. They are not men. They cannot be a role model for the “good man” they were unable to tie down. Sometimes they manage to succeed, but more often than not when they do it’s on accident.

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