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Finally, and most importantly, incorporating considerations of gun suicide into policy-making decisions is necessary because it would lead to different policy outcomes. One of the main focuses of the gun-control debate revolves around limiting the types of firearms that can be purchased, which could work to decrease the casualties of individual mass shootings, but would do little to prevent gun suicide, which requires only one bullet. Instead, focusing on mental health screenings, making it take longer to buy guns, making it harder to buy guns, and eliminating guns altogether would prove much more effective.

Maile McCann
March 8, 2017
Suicide: Gun Control Advocates’ More Pressing Problem
[McCann thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to “eliminate guns altogether” (Maile, are you taking point on that task?) because some people wants to exercise their own “right to chose”. Even if 100% of those decisions were easily and conclusively known to be wrong decisions (I know of suicides where one can make a decent case that it wasn’t an unreasonable decision) the decisions other people make for themselves cannot give some government entity the power to infringe upon the rights of the population as a whole.

And don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Maile McCann

  1. At the same time, often the same people, advocate for physician assisted suicide.

    • I was going to remark on that. How DO they hold these viewpoints in their head at the same time?

      Forget cognitive dissonance; this is quantum mechanics levels of psychological contradiction.

      • Their minds don’t work the same as mine and I presume yours. I spent decades with someone like that. When, in a moment of extreme frustration, I asked, “How do you determine truth from falsity?” They answered, “It depends on how I feel.”

    • These are the same sorts of people who are vegan and don’t eat eggs because “it’s a little chick inside”, but support abortions at 8.9 months because “it’s just a clump of cells.”

      Principles, logic, facts, consistency, and reality have nothing to do with their decision-making process, because decisions require thought, and there isn’t any; only vague directions based on group emotional appeal and virtue signaling.

  2. There are reasons a person may want to commit suicide.
    Consider a person with an incurable disease and assisted suicide is illegal where they live.
    Rather than suffer through a slow painful death, a self inflicted gunshot may be their only course of relief.

  3. What is important to recognize is that people can only committ suicide if they have a gun! No other forms of taking one’s own life are even possible! Forget about poison, strangulation, exsanguination, gravity, electricity, starvation, blunt trauma, and also inhalation of unicorn farts at toxic levels. /end sarcasm

    They have never heard of substitution and envision an utopia that by simply removing firearms from existence that we will all get along and sing together in perfect harmony like a Coca Cola commercial. What absolute BS.

  4. Given the millions of gun owners, if you were to suddenly vacuum up our collections, think of the mass depression this would cause! Many of us would be so distraught, we would consider suicide, but with no guns with which to do so, would have to stare at a photo of Hillary or Pelosi until we went into a coma and died.

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