Quote of the day-OMG How Could I?‏ @DidITweetThat

@seahawks575791 What purposes do guns have?

1 Kill
2 Target Practice
3 Penis Enlargement
4 Penis Replacement
5 ?

OMG How Could I?‏ @DidITweetThat
Tweeted on June 1, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from Proud Hunter ‏@Duck_Hunter7.

We have SCOTUS decisions. They have a startlingly limited view of reality.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day-OMG How Could I?‏ @DidITweetThat

  1. friends:
    well, guns can and do kill things, such a game animals, enemies in war, and thugs. (domestic, and civil.) the lefties should be mindful of that, i should think.
    john jay

    p.s. actually, the lefties are extremely mindful of that. that is why they want to disarm us, to leave us defenseless, and to better impose their unfettered and uncontrollable rule. hint: their minions will have guns. the lefties want to disarm us, … , never do they propose that the left will be “disarmed,” as they propose to control the domestic police. simple as that. (governments do not give up guns. ever. they simply have absolute control over them, and their use, principally against unarmed opposition.)

  2. Just remember – if you ever have to call 911 about a home invasion, be sure to tell the cops to send only unarmed uniforms with great verbal skills.

    I’m sure the gang-bangers will be impressed.

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