Quote of the day—Allan Cors

The defeated elites are trying to convince Americans that censorship is good; that “we the people” are too stupid to discern between fact and fiction, veracity and lies, and news and propaganda.

The truth is when it comes to the Second Amendment and all that the NRA stands for, “fake news” has been the mainstay of the majority of the elite media for as long as I can remember.

Allan Cors
NRA President
February 28, 2017
The Media Want You To Believe Everything You Read, As Long As They Publish It
[I’ve been following the issue closely since early 1994 and it has been true for that entire time. And that includes numerous incidents in which I was a participant. I knew exactly what the truth was and how the media presented something completely false.—Joe]


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  1. Robert Heinlein, in (I think) Expanded Universe, wrote that on two occasions he was someplace where an incident of newsworthy proportion happened, and on both occasions, Time and Newsweek got it completely wrong.

    I have long said that you can’t believe half of what you see on TV, the only problem is, you don’t know which half. It is getting so it’s clearly the alarming stuff about conservatives that you shouldn’t believe.

  2. Replace “elites” with “Marxist/communist/Progressive/authoritarian enemies of the American Principles” and you get a better insight. “The Confederacy; Democrats in white sheets, lurking in the dark” works also. As long as we understand “elites” to mean all of that, then it works well and it’s certainly easier to type.

    And they’re far from defeated. They own the American education system, lock, stock and barrel. They own most of the news and entertainment media, they own the federal, state and local bureaucracies nationwide, they’re often allied with our foreign enemies, and we give them trillions of our dollars every year to help them spin their webs, and to further entrench and fortify their dark regime.

    They never stopped fighting the American Civil War, they’ve had a century and a half’s head start on us. They have us serial numbered like cattle, licensed, inoculated, certified, fingerprinted, classified, sorted and plugged in to their system. Our grandkids’ future efforts are already sold to their grandkids, we’re near ready for the packing house, and we’re just barely beginning to wake up to the fact. That’s hardly what one could call “defeat”.

  3. I was a student in the NYCity area in the early ’70’s, and remember two photos covering mayoral candidates. The (favored by the Times) Dem guy was shown photo-angle slightly up, in a large format photo shaking hands with a group of well-wishers. The Repub. challenger (don’t remember for sure, mighta been Lindsay, who somehow won) was depicted from a looking-down photo angle in a much smaller photo, in an otherwise-empty bus, talking with an elderly woman. The bias expressed therein hit me like a baseball bat, and I’ve been on to their game ever since.
    I’ve recently seen the media described as ‘weaponized’ and that’s as good an explanation as any.

  4. The Congress of The US should pass ONE firearms law:
    “A) The Second Amendment says what it means and means what it says. Therefore all firearms laws are null, void, and removed from all jurisdictions in the US.
    ‘GUN FREE’ Zones are abolished.
    B) Violation of other laws using a firearm is punishable by incarceration for life, without Judicial discretion.
    C) Self defense is ‘prima facie’ evidence of compliance with A) and B). and is an Affirmative Defense.”

    We can solve the problems of criminal misuse, but we must understand that laws do not prevent crimes. Therefore the law must punish the perpetrator so that recidivism become a dictionary term without real world occurrence.


    • Violation of other laws using a firearm is punishable by incarceration for life, without Judicial discretion.

      Whoa. Be very careful there. You want to go to jail for life for speeding while open carrying? You have to narrowly define the crimes and what “using” means or I guarantee it will be used as a blunt instrument against us by them.

      Only crimes of violence involving the use of a firearm to commit or enable the crime should be severely punished in that manner.

      While justifiable self-defense or defense of others being an affirmative defense sounds good, it shifts the burden of proof to the defendant. Better the prosecution should prove it wasn’t justifiable.

      • Amendment gratefully accepted: add crimes of violence as indicated.

        I still like the idea of eliminating recidivism… 🙂

  5. To be fair, a lotta people ARE falling for the propaganda.
    The ones who are against us, anyway…

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