A more complex label

Rachel Dolezal, white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless:

Rachel Dolezal, the infamous white woman who for years passed herself off as African American and rose to become head of an NAACP branch, is now jobless, on food stamps and expects to soon be homeless.

A defiant Dolezal, 39, recounted her current plight to The Guardian. Dolezal said she’s only been offered jobs in reality television and porno flicks. A friend helped her come up with the money for February’s rent and she doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for March.

And she still says she’s not white.

“I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don’t really have that vocabulary,” Dolezal told The Guardian. “I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white.’ Because, you know, I’m not white . . . Calling myself black feels more accurate than saying I’m white.”

I agree with her. A more complex label is needed. I’ll bet a good psychologist could find one for her.

I wish her luck with therapy.


12 thoughts on “A more complex label

  1. She’s delusional thinking she’s something she’s not, plus she’s such an off-the-deep-end “progressive” that she felt the need to fabricate multiple hate crimes in attempt to give herself social justice warrior street cred.

    With a resume like that there’s a reason why nobody will touch her with a 10 foot pole.

    Now granted her insanity is colored by “progressive” ideology, if she lived in another time or another place, her madness might manifest itself in different ways, but likely to the same results.

  2. Once you grant that “a person is whatever they say they are,” you dive immediately into the deep end of insanity. Want to use check the “American Indian” box to boost your application to college, then “race” means nothing… no, it’s worse than that, race means everything and nothing simultaneously. It will get used and abused in the worst possible ways, hurting good people the most and bad people the least.


    Want to play on the girls sports team where you can be more competitive – or gain access to female locker rooms – a XY-chromosome person can simply claim to be female.(*) Want to avoid the draft? Simply claim to be female. An ugly chick that wants a lot of “action” in jail can just claim to be a guy and get put into their population. A person who wants to mess with the crime reporting stats and suspect descriptions can claim to be the opposite of what they are. A Dem can claim to be a R to gain R voters’ support, etc.

    Life becomes utterly chaotic and unmoored from reality, and any psychopath can gaslight good people because there is a strong social pressure to be “polite” and accept what anyone says at face value, no matter how absurd. An average Caucasian man claiming to be a seven-foot tall Chinese woman must be accepted as such. There is no truth, there is no “right” or “wrong.”

    In other words, it’s all a deliberate attempt to make all decent people insane, and put the nuts, flakes, insecure, ineffectual, and crazy in charge of standards and rules. It’s time to push back, call a spade a spade, and stop putting up with bullshit because someones might claim their feelings got hurt. So what if they did? There are vastly more important things in civilization that some snowflake’s feelings.

    (* – not to be confused with actual gender identity disorder, properly diagnosed and treated via therapy or surgery and hormones, as a fully cognizant and functional adult, which is a whole ‘nuther thing.)

    • “There is no truth, there is no “right” or “wrong.”

      That’s the whole leftist agenda in a nut shell, and to put it in a broader perspective; it’s a war against Judaeo/Christian Civilization. It compelled Alinsky to dedicate his book to Satan, who he described as the first rebel (who at least got his own kingdom as a result). So it’s a rebellion against the constraints imposed on them by the concept of right and wrong, which the left sees as oppression. They want “liberation” from that “oppression”. They want freedom from right, to do wrong.

      “The gods of the copybook headings with terror and slaughter return.” (Kipling had it figured out)

  3. A more fitting diagnosis for her would be “trans-reality”… Her and Pelosi should open up a commune on an island in the South Pacific and leave everyone else alone.

  4. Google her parents, the news articles will shed a little light on her; btw: her father
    is still fighting wildfires in his sixties, a serious young man”s sport.

  5. “Dolezal told The Guardian she still believes that race is a social construct.”

    If it’s a social construct, then why even bother to acknowledge it, let alone embrace it and give it authenticity by willfully identifying as an alternate race.

    Maybe Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren can start an organization?

    • Oh. I think I sprained a neuron.

      “What’s black and white and red all over….”

      indeed. If race is a social construct, then only an insane grifter would construct one which she could claim was an oppressed minority so she could profit from victim-status.

  6. She is unemployed but says she has plenty of job offers. So she’s unemployed by choice. And she has the nerve to whine about being low on cash?

  7. You can’t call it an oppressed class if you willingly transform yourself into that class to gain an advantage.

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