Norwegian Border: No Swedes?

Interesting development with the Swedish problem. Norway is considering a bill to shut its border with Sweden if it collapses. This would be in defiance of international convention. I means that Norway is taking a serious look at the problem with their long-time neighbor and saying “Holy CRAP!” The bill hasn’t passed yet, but it has “broad support.” If it passes, will it be enough to wake up Sweden to the magnitude of its problem? I don’t know. There are already a number of town with more Arabic/ME men of military age than native Swedes, by 20% or more, and there are very few (relatively speaking) muslim women of similar age. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Anyone who cannot see it must be very highly educated / indoctrinated, or really, REALLY stupid. If they can see it and want to do this whole immigration thing anyway, they are evil.


4 thoughts on “Norwegian Border: No Swedes?

    • I missed that; I just came across it. Not sure how fast/slow the Norwegian parliament is. May still be in limbo, might have been shot down. I’ll see if I can find a definitive answer.

  1. Google sez “Fy Søren!” in English is “Fy Soren”. Does Google refuse to translate naughty phrases?

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