Quote of the day—Jen Pauliukonis

The act today terrifies me.

Jen Pauliukonis
President of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence
February 16, 2017
Maryland reacts to federal gun control rollback efforts
[This is in regards to killing the regulation that would cause a NICS denial when someone on Social Security had turned over their finances to someone else.

I guess Pauliukonis is afraid some old codger with dyslexia will buy a gun and go on a shooting spree. I’ll bet she cannot find a single person with the conditions this regulation concerned itself with who has ever committed a violent crime with a gun.

I think Pauliukonis should seek therapy rather than media attention.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jen Pauliukonis

  1. A friend of mine and I were having a fairly heated discussion on Facebook about the house bills for gun control in Washington that either died or were defanged in committee yesterday. He was telling me that the only reason that I would own guns is either due to ego or that I must have some generalized fear – and he does not live in constant fear. Yet, in other political posts about President Trumps actions, he’s posted that he’s now in terror about what might happen with the country. The mental dissonance among the left is often stupefying.

  2. I guess Pauliukonis is afraid some old codger with dyslexia will buy a gun and go on a shooting spree.


    What is much more likely, however, is that some old codger with dyslexia will buy a gnu and go soothing peers. As we all know, a law-abiding gnu owner is not any more dangerous than a law-abiding non-gnu-owner. 😉

  3. You misunderstand. Her terror is all that is important. Or, rather, her claims of terror in order to posture and virtue-signal (because victims are high-status in her culture) so she can capture the moral high ground. Anything she cannot personally understand or control herself terrifies her, she says, in order to justify her demand that someone else control it for her. You would not deny that her terror is real, and must be acted upon, would you?

    The proper response is ridicule and derision. Lots of different ways to trigger their melt-downs, and they’ll see the light just in order to eliminate the pain of mocking. “Really? What a pathetically misinformed coward you are! You must have a hard time sleeping what with all those boogie-men and monsters under your bead an in your closet. Maybe we should prohibit gun ownership by women during their PMS times, because they are not as rational then when under the influence of those powerful mind-altering hormones coursing through their blood, unregulated.”

    No, such arguments are not rational. But no logical argument will ever reach, let alone convince, someone like that.

  4. The fact that a return to due process terrifies them speaks volumes. It is also one of the many reasons I own firearms. People who fear due process should never be entrusted with any kind of power at all.

    • Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to find anyone in Congress who likes due process, just like it’s practically impossible to find anyone there (or anywhere in Washington) who obeys the Constitution.
      I’m reminded of a particularly egregious case, some ancient fart (perhaps Grassley), who objected to a bill requiring mens rea in Federal criminal prosecutions on the grounds that it would make it harder to convict people. Well, duh, you moron, that’s the intent.

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