A week ago on Sunday afternoon (the 5th) it started snowing in the Seattle area. The higher elevations (300 – 500 feet) in particular usually get a dusting of snow one or more times each winter. But it only rarely accumulates more than an inch or two and only lasts a few hours or maybe a couple of days.

It turns out I had just started testing the webcam I plan to install at the Boomershoot shooting line and I captured some of the snow accumulation and melting. Click on the images to see a higher resolution version with the timestamp visible in the upper right hand corner:



Monday morning the higher elevation Bellevue residents (where I live) had more than a dusting. Barb measured 10.5” of the white stuff:



The skylight in my library was covered in snow and the lighting was really different:


I checked my work email to see what the status was. Among other things:

Unless employees have an appropriate automobile, recommendation is not to come in.

If you will need to work from home please let your managers know the situation.

The road in front of my house had not been plowed. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten in to work, but why risk it? I worked from home.

About 10:00 AM:

landlord is on site clearing roads, 2 trees fell which they are cleaning up prior to getting back to clearing the snow

This was the scene outside the house about 10:00 AM:



Work email at about 1:45 PM:

Power has returned. However, due to the overall instability of power in the Bellevue area we are asking all employees to leave now.

Security personnel, with support of Emergency Response Team members, are going to conduct floor sweeps to make sure people are leaving. Employees will be asked to leave by 3:00 pm on order for everyone to get home during daylight

At lunch time, even though it was still snowing, I shoveled the sidewalk in front of the house:



Some of the trees and shrubs in the backyard were showing significant stress from all the snow so Barb and I knocked some snow off.


My hat collected a significant amount of snow:


It mostly melted off by Wednesday (the 8th) but I saw a small pile in the deep shade of tree on a neighbor on the way to work this morning.





4 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. “in the lane, snow is glistening …. .”
    in that sort of snow i would be out looking at elk and deer, who come down out of the mountains to feed in the wheat fields, and to munch on haystacks. about a 1,000 of ’em within a 10 mile radius of my house, two weeks ago. they’ve gone back into the higher elevations w/ some snow melt. the deer would like your shrubbery, very much, indeed.
    john jay

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