Classy Video: Racist Roots of Gun Control

Finally! A well-produced video about the racist roots of gun control! Well done, bravo, Colion Noir & Co. Exceptional video; perfect for sharing with thee uninformed.

Speaking of race + guns, it just so happens I’ll be in the Denver area 2/25, and intend to attend Black Guns Matter event. Though I won’t be there to train, I will be there to proudly shake the hand of Maj Toure, a man brave enough to start BGM.

If you’re not in the vicinity of The Mile High City, BGM’s traveling throughout the country. Rather than whine + wail about the injustices of the world, show your support by showing up at BGM events.




5 thoughts on “Classy Video: Racist Roots of Gun Control

  1. Excellent!

    Well it’s a good start anyway. Apparently they didn’t want to “get political” by pointing out the fact that all that racism, the KKK, and the gun control laws were and are built-in, institutional features of the Democrat Party, they are Marxist/Progressive/Eugenicist in origin, and that the Party has not changed since the immediate post Civil War period except in tactics and spin.

    That begs the question then; where was the NRA on this, thirty, forty, fifty years ago? Why was this video not done on film in the 1960s? How about when President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, active promoter of the KKK and of Margret Sanger who declared the black races to be “unfit”, re-segregated the military in the early 20th Century?

    I mean, welcome to the truth, and congratulations and all, NRA, but don’t expect absolution just yet.

    It goes kind of like this; in order to be truly loved, you must be willing to be truly hated. Better still is that you’re not concerned with who loves or hates you, but only with that which is right and true. The NRA, like all politicians, is still struggling with that first bit.

    I am once again reminded of the quote by Zaphod Beeblebrox upon learning that several nuclear-tipped, guided missiles were converging with his ship;
    “Man, this is GREAT!!; We must be really be on to something if they’re trying to kill us!”

  2. It’s also the title of an excellent essay by Clayton Cramer. See for example — which cites the original publication as “(Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y, Winter 1995, at 17)”.
    JPFO put out a pair of movies a while ago: “No guns for Jews” and “No guns for Negroes”. I downloaded both from, need to finish watching them. No pulled punches there, of course.

  3. Yes, I used Cramer’s essay when challenging Mayor Daley’s anti-gun rally back in Chicago circa ’99/2000. Daley & Co. were hosting gun-grabber protest/rally/propaganda show in downtown. They’d shipped in black public school kids via public school bus from S. Chicago to attend anti-gun rally (Field Day for the Kids!). Poor kids (literally) were used as props for their propaganda. Total exploitation. Appalling.

    I had some pleasant conversations with the kids. Referenced Cramer’s essay, and other facts about racist roots of gun control. I do believe I changed a few young minds that day.

    I also recall having hard copies of JPFO Gran’pa Jack Gun Control is Racist booklet.

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