New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association

This scheme would be unenforceable without creating a gun registry. We know this because a 2013 U.S. Department of Justice internal memo on gun violence prevention strategies stated that the success of expanded background check laws depends on requiring firearm registration.

New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association
February 7, 2017
New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Bloomberg Gun Control Bills
[Many people claim registration is the real reason the anti-gun people are pushing universal background check laws. One of the pieces of evidences for this is the legislators pushing the UBCs refuse to consider systems where a drivers license has an “endorsement” for gun ownership if there is no disqualifications in your background or allowing a concealed weapons permit to be used instead of a background check. If there are now records kept, by the government, of the background check then they refuse to consider it.

“Gun registration” are fighting words and will be vigorously opposed by gun owners in this country.—Joe]


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  1. Hey, what’s the problem with gun registration? Add in a “Permit to Acquire”, a 14-20 day “waiting period” for the background check after you have signed away all privacy rights to all your medical records, mandatory lifetime enrollment in the FBI Rap Back database (only $42!), and, voila, you have the statist utopian paradise known as Hawaii. The list of restrictions and bans goes on and on, but I will just include one more: Not one single person in the state has a CCW license, and thus not one single person in the entire state may lawfully defend themselves or others outside their home (or business) with a firearm should they be subject to attempted criminal victimization. If you choose to unlawfully carry for self-defense and are caught, it’s a Class B felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. I’m just sayin’… Aloha!

      • Beginning in 2000 the county chiefs of police, who are the authorities who process open and concealed carry license applications, have been required to report monthly to the Attorney General on all applications and their rendered decisions on those applications. This is public record, and if one is patient and persistent (stubborn?) enough one can acquire the records. It’s clear, no dispute, four (4) licenses issued in 17 years (and one of those for 9 days). Two in Maui county in 2001, two in Kauai county, one in 2006 and one in 2013. All expired, even if the Maui ones were issued for the legal term of one year 16 years ago. They even make it extremely difficult for LEOSA to qualify (and they don’t receive a CCW license, just the LEOSA exemption), including even retired former Hawaii officers. They don’t want anyone carrying guns (see AG quotes above). They really don’t want anyone to HAVE guns, but they haven’t gotten there yet.

  2. I have a nice quote that relates to this topic:

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” — attributed to Lenin

    There’s question of whether that one is real. Not quote so on-topic but definitely real is this one:

    “If the opposition disarms, all is well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.” — Stalin (Works, Vol.10, p. 378., from a speech in 1927)

  3. My opinion? We need to get more hunters on board with the facts of the anti gunners long game. The self defense folks are a little ahead of the hunters groups in understanding the anti gunners long game in curtailing our Right. The anti gun folks are happy for any additional regulation. That is why I shout down the word COMPROMISE now. We gun owners have compromised to much. No more.

    • You mean the Fudds. Be careful not to confuse us hunters with Fudds. Also there is one way in which hunters may be well ahead of some of the “self defense folks”. It has to do with field craft, going out armed, Intending to shoot, and maybe never taking a shot, responding to actual quarry while said quarry is reacting to you, and shooting for blood under unpredictable time constraints in unpredictable terrain and learning to be being successful while not being in control of the actual circumstances, time or place. Choosing between circumstances beyond your control, would be another way to put it. Maintaining at least the minimal physical fitness required to move through terrain, tree climbing, tracking, and the retrieval of heavy carcass. Few if any of those things can be practiced at a shooting range.

      In self defense your opponent is almost certainly practiced in those things, and much more. Standing stationary, banging away at a static target at known distance in ideal lighting under controlled conditions, at the time of your choosing, is no preparation for anything except the basic, mechanical operation of the firearm. It has no other relationship to successfully resolving a serious conflict with an intelligent, determined opponent who is probably more clever in his art of evil than you can imagine.

      Also; by “Fudd” we should be clear. A Fudd is a Progressive Republican type. He espouses some conservative ideas but has no resolve in any actual principles, and wants far too much to liked by everyone. He’ll accept socialism so long as it’s administered by someone he likes. As such, the Fudd may pretend as though he’s on your side, but like a Republican politician he’ll turn against you, as soon things look difficult, to save his reputation among your enemies.

      • Thanks for taking the time to write such an elegant response. I was not trying to smear with a broad brush in any way. I know there is a world where the hearty outdoors man has my back, but I live to close to Philadelphia. The land surrounding State game land here has been bought up by private members only hunting camps who spend much time trying to make us Saturday hunters not welcome. When I get them out to a shooting class they are verbally not friends of the semi automatic rifle, some of them would be happy only having shotguns. The more I work with them to make them better shooters, the more I meet. You are correct, that there is a group that would turn on us in a heartbeat.

  4. Registration serves only one purpose.

    Since it only occurs with the lawful purchase of a firearm, it cannot prevent a crime. It’s just a piece of paper that says I am currently a citizen in good standing when I got this firearm. Registration has zero predictive value or deterrence.

    However, it is the perfect vehicle for sending out letters to gun owners that their firearm is now illegal by politician decree and to turn it in or else! If that does not work, the police have the address for the SWAT raid.

    A government that requires you to tell them about your weapons is one that cannot be trusted.

    • Here in Hawaii this year we have a proposed law for mandated proof of liability insurance for firearm owners, and just like automobiles here in Hawaii (thanks to the registration information) you will be sent a notice to provide proof of insurance renewal annually, and if you don’t provide that proof in a timely manner, well… who knows?

      We’ll submit testimony against the bill, but with a 100% Democrat state Senate, and a 88% Democrat state House, nothing good ever comes out of our state legislature for people who believe the Second Amendment protects pre-existing fundamental individual unalienable civil rights to keep and bear arms. And Hawaii is the only state in the United States that has NONE of the following legal options: Initiative, Referendum, Recall, Term Limits.

      Here are a couple of quotes from the Hawaii Attorney General’s amicus brief filed in the Peruta en banc hearing:

      I. The Second Amendment Does Not Protect a Right to Carry Guns in Public, Openly or Concealed [One whole section of the brief…]

      [I]t is reasonable to view the entire public sphere as a “sensitive place” where guns may be prohibited.

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