More brand new discoveries by the left

In addition to the constitution and the concept of limits on executive power being good things, the leftists appear to have discovered, for the first time ever, the notion that government interference in our affairs may result in brain drain, and also in “instability and uncertainty” in the economy.

It’s as if they’ve heard us and understood us all along, and just didn’t give a damn.

As I’ve been saying recently, it is a mistake to assume gross stupidity among your enemies. They know, and they laugh at you calling them stupid.

Of course they’re still incapable of openly distinguishing between legal immigration and illegal immigration, because that would blow their current gig. The WA Post article is based entirely on that lie of non-distinction.

They’ll use that lie now, in the courts, and muck up immigration enforcement as much possible. We will play along as though they actually had the power to do that, thus granting them that power. And so it will have been conservatives and libertarians who broke with the principles, as much as the Progressive Marxists.

Just as sure as you’re born, however, the leftist agitator sector will at some point even recognize the importance of preventing the courts from assuming authority they do not have, over-stepping their purpose and exceeding their constitutional limits. But they’ll only recognize that when it suits them. Today it does not suit them.

You may call them stupid, or blithering idiots or whatever. I’ll call them brilliantly evil.


4 thoughts on “More brand new discoveries by the left

  1. The Left is always concerned about the rise of the “Imperial Presidency when some guy with the (R) after his name is in office, but that concern swings completely opposite whenever it’s THEIR guy in the office. When they win, they’re there to rule. When they lose, they scour the rules for some procedural minutia to slow their decay.

    • We know then, by their actions, that they (their planners at least) do indeed understand what they’re doing.

  2. Some are stupid, some are ignorant and blinded by fantasy, some are evil. Some of the stupid and ignorant ones may be salvageable, which is why it’s important to make the distinction.

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