Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

Only the Brady Campaign would describe fingerprint, photograph, and registration requirements–together with an eight-month waiting period and a $200 federal tax–as “lax laws.” Law-abiding Americans call it “infringement.”

AWR Hawkins
February 9, 2017
Brady Campaign: Sessions, NRA a Deadly Combo Against Gun Control
[I wouldn’t say only the Brady Campaign. The VPC, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and others like them don’t have a problem with inverting the truth either. But that doesn’t make as good a sound bite.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

  1. Or the Democrat party generally. While it is not 100% accurate to say (as I do) that a Democrat vote is a vote against keeping your guns, meaningful exceptions are rare enough to be insignificant.

  2. They’d change that in a heartbeat if there was a similar requirement for any other right mentioned in the Constitution.

    • I doubt it. Consider how hard they are working to destroy the 1st Amendment. Or the 4th. Or the 5th. Or the 13th. And they wouldn’t recognize a 9th or 10th Amendment principle if it conked them on the head.

      • True, I was thinking back to all the broadly decided First Amendment cases from the Sixties, when they were using our principles to their advantage.

        As all the fair-minded conservatives out there fail to realize, “Hate Speech” is the exception that swallows the rule and leaves us at the mercy of the pathologically least tolerant and most easily offended.

        • “Hate speech” is a very simple concept: it is the notion that the government should have authority over how you think.
          Once you understand, it becomes obvious why any application of the notion “hate speech” must be shouted down and utterly condemned as a damnable infringement on our most fundamental liberties.

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