The police will protect you

Watching a Stefan Molyneux video, he quoted note from a listener referring to gun-free zones and the Berkley riots over Milo:

Give up your guns, they said. The police will protect you.”

Only if you are one of those that the police / state think are worth protecting.

Sobering thought when there is a transition of power from one party to another, and you realize there is another foot that might wear that jackboot you’d hope would step on the throat of your enemies.

But I bet a lot of leftists still won’t understand.


6 thoughts on “The police will protect you

  1. For the record, over the years, the Supreme Court has ruled that Police Officers have two duties; to apprehend law breakers and gather evidence to aid in their prosecution.

    In addition, the Supreme Court has also ruled that officers may not be sued or prosecuted for;
    Failing to apprehend a law breaker
    Failing to gather evidence
    Failing to prevent a crime from occurring
    Failing to stop a crime in process
    Failing to respond to a report of a crime
    Failing to prosecute an arrest warrant or
    Failing to enforce a court order.

  2. What I have a hard time understanding is how anyone can bear to sit through a one hour video by Stefan Molyneux.

    • I do so you don’t have too 🙂

      Differently strokes, etc. I like his shows, can’t watch them all because I don’t have the time. His “research” shows about things like slavery, and McCarthy are pretty darn good.

      In this one he interviews a couple of guys who were at the Berkley riots. They had some good observations about mob behavior, the different kinds of people who were there, how to recognize “your own,” etc. I hope the rumor is true that an undercover Project Veritas person got the people planning and organizing it on tape with connections about funding and all on video and audio. If Trump’s AG and the FBI can get the top people nailed, jailed, and fined, and cut off funds to Berkley that go to the school and the police (“if you are not going to do your job, then we won’t pay for your doughnuts while you stand around letting thugs beat up people”), it would go a long way toward making people less tolerant of left-wing violence when they see the cost.

  3. “I do so you don’t have to”.

    For this, I am ever in your debt. I regularly follow a few favorite libertarian blogs in addition to my RKBA regulars. I just can’t take too much of certain spokespeople, and Molyneux is unfortunately one of them.

    I applaud your optimism (e.g. you hope that people will become less tolerant of violent protest). I am more of a ‘glass half empty’ type of guy. We will see…..

  4. An interesting thing about those riots is that it supposedly involved about 150 rioters. The video I saw wasn’t all that clear; it may have been a lot more. I’m skeptical about “most were peace loving bystanders”. But in any case, the police apparently arrested a grand total of three perpetrators.
    Then UC Berkeley canceled the event. And they had the nerve to pretend that they did everything possible to protect 1st amendment rights. Really? 3 arrests? And using a demonstration as an excuse to infringe people’s Constitutional rights?

  5. The new criteria for whether the police think you are worth protecting is whether the people that intend to harm you are favored by the mayor/his political party/his current or hopefully future donors.

    You no longer have to do something to gain the ire of the political establishment. The progressive political establishment wants and needs the Black Bloc. When the Black Bloc hurts you, you must have deserved it, because you were wearing a proverbial short skirt.

    The KKK was the Democrat’s militant wing up through the 1960s, killing blacks, Catholics and Republicans in accordance with the will of the Democrat party leadership. When the KKK got a little too enthusiastic, well, good ol’ boys will be good ol’ boys, can’t find any evidence.

    The Black Bloc is the Democrat’s militant wing since the 1990s. They have broadened their target selection. Basically there is no race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc that they will not attack UNLESS you’re wearing or saying the right in-group signifiers. And if you look anything like today’s Emmanuel Goldstein, they’ll err on the side of exuberance. Even if the police find something, the city prosecutor wants to be state attorney general, then governor some day, and he’s not going to get there messing with the Party’s black-hoodies.

    If Trump has any sense, he’ll make a deal with Milo to be the bait in Berkeley, then surround and catch a whole bunch of Black Bloc’ers and charge them under 18 U.S. Code § 241 for wearing in disguise and going on the property of another with the intention of preventing him from exercising his rights under the First Amendment (which he has , even as a non-resident alien). Trump should give them opportunity for attempted murder, and these numbskulls will happily provide the evidence of the means and their motive. Repeat until the protests actually are peaceful.

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