Quote of the day—Awr Hawkins

On January 24 Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted that Chicago’s gun violence is the result of “lax gun laws” at the federal level.

He did not explain how Congressional refusal to pass more gun control would increase Chicago violence while passing over so many other cities, leaving them safe and sound.

Awr Hawkins
January 25, 2017
Sen Chris Murphy Blames Chicago Gun Violence on Congress Rejection of Gun Control
[If one were to explore this topic with the Senator, I suspect the explanation would be something along the lines of, “Shut up!”

It’s what you get when someone with crap for brains gets into a position of power.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Awr Hawkins

  1. While the Donald is building walls across our southern border, perhaps they might spare a bit of materials and labor to convert Chiraq into a walled city-state. Keep the evil guns out, keep the stupid bottled up inside.

    • Wouldnt it be easier and much cheaper to rat out the Democrats, yank them out of Chicago, and then re-instate the U.S. constitution there?

      We put a wall around them, then we’d have to feed the fuckers for perpetuity, ’cause you know for a fact that Democrats and their followers generally cannot feed themselves.

      Either way they’d need to be re-educated, away from Critical Theory and Community Organizing, and toward American Principles, basic ecconomics, basic English, and trade skills. It’s that or we’ll have to fight them, imprison them, and end up feeding them in prison.

  2. I’ve asked numerous individuals who claim it’s ‘federal’ or ‘Indiana’s’ ‘weak gun laws’ that cause Chicago’s crime rate why does the same levels not exist in Indiana and why does the rate drop by 80% as soon as you leave the city limits.

    I’ve yet to get an answer.

    • I’ve heard many an answer. And they are all either word salad, irrational, or use such twisted logic they are the verbal equivalent to a Gordian knot.

    • I had that same discussion with my (ex) brother-in-law who lives in Chicago. He said it was the lax gun laws outside the city. When I pointed out the crime rate just outside the city was lower, he said there were “other factors”. So, I concluded, it is other factors rather than gun laws that account for the crime rate difference. He mumbled something and didn’t want to talk about it for a while. Then, hours later, said, “I just don’t like guns.”

  3. Yeah. Put a wall around Chicago, then we can have another Kurt Russel movie, “Escape From Chiraq: The Return of ‘Snake’ Plisskin”

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