Criminal politicians for gun control

Not all criminal politicians have been advocates for gun control but it sure seems like there is a high correlation. David Codrea (H/T Say Uncle) reports on a former New York State Senator, who was very anti-gun, being sentenced to prison last week.

Yesterday another one reported to prison to begin his sentence:

A longtime Pennsylvania congressman convicted of racketeering has reported to a federal prison to begin his 10-year sentence.

Officials said former U.S. Rep. Chaka (SHAH’-kuh) Fattah was logged in just after 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean in Lewis Run, in western Pennsylvania, near the New York border. He will be in the minimum-security camp adjacent to the medium-security prison.

The 60-year-old Philadelphia Democrat spent 20 years in Congress before his June conviction of taking an illegal $1 million campaign loan, then using government and nonprofit funds to repay it. Four co-defendants were also convicted.

Read this post to get the background on his perpetual war on gun owners.

I have to wonder if “someone” had the time and money to do the investigations how many anti-gun politicians could be sent to jail on corruption charges. I would rather they get charged under 18 USC 241 and/or 18 USC 242 because of their infringement upon our specific enumerate right to keep and bear arms. But I would settle for them being removed from positions of power.


6 thoughts on “Criminal politicians for gun control

  1. Yes; it is of course redundant to say “criminal, anti gun politician”, or to ask why so many anti gun politicians are so criminal, because actively opposing a constitutionally enumerated right under color of law is a criminal act all by itself.

    In a free society, these people would simply be rounded up and dumped into prison en masse. On the other hand, in a free society none of them would have been allowed in government positions in the first place, AND SO, WE WOULDN’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

    That goes for 100% of Democrats, and a large majority of Republicans, including our current president. We all know perfectly well before they take the Oath of Office that they have no intention of honoring it even if they did understand it. Most of them however couldn’t articulate the American principles they’re swearing to uphold, even if they wanted to. The American Principles aren’t taught, and they aren’t a matter for public discussion anymore. Politicians from president to local dog catcher run on Marxist, Leninist, Progressive authoritarian, top-down, command and control platforms, and that alone disqualifies them from holding office.

    They are in fact, in every sense of the word, enemies of America, and the more insidious that they’re operating from within. Having infiltrated and usurped every institution and every office, they now leer and jeer at us and threaten us with new “laws” that oppose everything the constitution ever stood for.

    That’ll sound “extreme” to most people I’m sure, but that only goes to illustrate how extremely far we’ve drifted from the American Founding Principles.

    Washington State is now proposing a ’94 style “assault ban” with the addition of requiring an annual license to possess. So far the only talk of it I’m seeing is in the form of a single NRA e-mail alert. I’ll tell you all right now that if they pass that shit I’ll be violating the hell out of it. You local cops are on notice.

  2. There was also the CA politician (State legislator? SF councilman? I forgot) who got busted for gun running.

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