Quote of the day—Mead Gruver

In grizzly country, comments by President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary that schools should have guns on campus to protect against the bears aren’t a punch line.

Mead Gruver
January 19, 2017
In Wyoming, DeVos gun remark more about safety than politics
[One year my (ex) sister-in-law taught school in Barrow Alaska. They would sometimes have polar bear warnings at her school. One day she took the usual short cut, rather than going through the main part of town, even though a polar bear had been spotted recently. Her students were extremely unhappy with her and scolded her about that. She was informed, in no uncertain terms, the polar bear warnings were extremely serious. She was more careful after that.

That people who scoffed at, and made fun of, Betsy DeVos suggestion that people at some schools may need a gun to defend against bears only show how out of touch with reality, not how smart, they are.—Joe]


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  1. Yup; yet another, in an endless chain of examples of the total disconnect with reality that exemplifies the Progressive, wanna-be-popular, leftist, wanna-be-mainstream culture.

    To them, we in flyover country are a great big, jolly, finger-pointing, knee-slapping, hoot of a joke. To us, they’re doing all the laughing for us, because about all we can do is shake our heads in disgust at their ironic combination of self importance, superiority and ignorance.

    THEY actually believe that WE have much to learn from THEM. It’d be almost cute if they weren’t so dangerous and hostile, even deadly, in their convictions.

    • They could teach us a thing or two about how to make a yummy venti frappachino with a lemon twist using soy fed goat’s milk…but, I would hardly call that a necessary skill.

      They could teach us how to dress like a hipster and get piercings and tattoos in all the wrong places.

      They could tell us all how we are racists, misogynists, homophobes, fascists and deplorable. Oh wait, they did and they lost the election.

      • I make my own lattes with fresh ground home grown coriander and ground orange peel in the brew, and they’re better than anything you can get at the hipster espresso stands.

  2. Heh;
    “Also, only a well-placed shot from a powerful rifle or handgun would be likely to stop a grizzly, which in the Rocky Mountain region can reach 700 pounds and sprint up to 45 mph. Even in Wyoming, the average assistant principal or art teacher would need a good deal of practice to pull that off.”

    I would expect that a good many assistant principles and art teachers in Wyoming are avid hunters, and would therefore be among the best at handling such a task.

    And there we see it again; the ignorance, combined with the presumption that THEY in media and politics (but I repeat myself) are in a position to instruct US on what is what. The assumption is that one cannot at the same time be an art teacher and also a hunter with experience in handling high powered weaponry in the killing of large animals. We’re not nearly as rural as parts of Wyoming, here in far eastern WA State, and many of our teachers and school administrators are hunters. Our school has a trap shooting team, also. In nearby Moscow, Idaho the music teacher is a big game hunter.

    How many of you goony-bird leftists in media, and you Marxist politicians, understand that, like city parks in your goony-bird, bankrupt leftist cities, we have municipal shooting ranges here in flyover country, where high school students learn to handle hunting rifles and shotguns as part of our hunter safety courses? For several years I taught gun handling safety classes (gasp) in our local high school. Yes I brought guns to school, and of course everyone knew it and approved it ahead of time, federal so-called “laws” notwithstanding.

    Do ANY of you fucking goony-bird losers in media have ANY IDEA how common this sort thing is? Or is it all an act on your part? We have to wonder if so many people can ACTUALLY BE so ignorant, or if the ignorance is really just an act, a ploy, a put-on designed for political purposes.

    I have to believe that a lot of it is willful. Even the local news media will cover basketball, and the other common sports, but don’t cover the school trap shooting events. We have the same kinds of “meets” they have in the other sports, complete with playoffs and state championships, but they CHOOSE not to cover them. Then at some point you goonies just tell yourselves it doesn’t exist, and that’s that? We don’t need the attention, mind you, and so we let it go, but holy fuck; some of you people appear to be so ignorant, and so totally detached from reality, we can only conclude that you’re just putting on an act. No one could be THAT CLUELESS without putting some real truth-avoidance effort into it.

    • Sometime in the past year or two I read or heard a gun hater activist stating the goal of making gun ownership socially unacceptable, much as had been done with tobacco consumption. So yes, the fact that the media won’t cover shooting sports events is definitely intentional, and part of that larger plan.

  3. Not just Bears, but wolves, and other critters… A School Marm was eaten by a Wolf Pack, while out jogging before school, in Chinick Lagoon, a few years back.

  4. And the fact that two-legged predators stalk the hunting preserves, I mean the gun-free school zones that are modern American schools, entirely escapes their notice, because that’s different. That needs trained cops.

    But what do you expect? Schools are in the business of granting credentials. It is their sole reason for existence. So, therefore, only “credentialed professionals” can be trusted to do anything more complex than feed themselves. They cannot conceive of a generalist, and independent, non-certified individual who undertakes the burden of gaining skills on their own to do important or dangerous things. Such a person would cast doubt on the need for their services.

    • If medical care becomes single payer, state supervised diet will not be far behind, because what we eat affects our health, and the obesity epidemic, particularly after the BMI was revised 20 years ago, has skyrocketed, and obesity affects how expensive we will be for the government health care bureaucracy.

      And we saw that Stalin could maintain power by politicizing food possession. Got more than three days of food in your home? You hoarder! You counter-revolutionary! You Saboteur!

    • That is an excellent point. To a Progressive, his stature as an ordained authority is EVERYTHING. They beg for tar and feathers.

  5. Back in the ’70s (OK I’m dating myself) one of my professors at Idaho State stated that “There were only two excuses for missing his class: a death in the family … you’re own, or drawing a special elk hunt.” I think he could have handled a grizzly if the need arose (not likely, but you never know).

    • I was in college during the ’70s too. So don’t worry about the “dating myself” issues around here.

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