He’s doing it wrong

Donald Trump, God Emperor, is vehemently opposed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide. Both yesterday and today huge crowds marched and protested his coronation. They are concerned about their rights. That this new Hitler like dictator will cause them physical harm.

As one of his first acts as God Emperor he signed an executive order “giving federal agencies broad powers to unwind regulations … which might include enforcement of the penalty for people who fail to carry the health insurance that the law requires of most Americans.” This same article says:

Also late Friday, Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, issued an executive memorandum ordering a freeze on regulations for all government agencies.

He has also Wants to Allow Concealed Weapons Everywhere and opposes any new gun regulations and may be an advocate for repealing weapons laws nationwide and put judges in the federal courts which will turn back many of the gun safety laws in place in various states and cities.

What all this means is that our new “God Emperor”, “Hitler dictator” wannabe is doing it all wrong. Dictators need an abundances of laws and regulations. Remember what Ayn Rand said:

The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

And if the people protesting had any connection with reality they would realize that socialized medicine was a powerful tool for Nazi Germany:

No profession in Germany became so numerically attached to National Socialism in both its leadership and membership as was the medical profession. Because of their philosophical orientation toward finding a more scientific basis for medical research and practice, government funding for research, and the practical benefits of acquiring university positions and medical practices from the many banned and exiled German Jewish doctors, many physicians supported Nazi policies. One of the first Nazi laws, passed July 14, 1933, was the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny of Hereditary Disease,” intended to “consolidate” social and health policies in the German population and prohibit the right of reproduction for persons defined as “genetically inferior.” After 1933, the connection between the theory and practice of politicized medicine advocated by many in Weimar Germany became actual in Nazi Germany.

Following the sterilization laws, the National Socialists next implemented a strategy of euthanasia to solve the remaining problem of those whose conception and birth had preceded these laws. The pediatrician Ernst Wentzler, while developing plans to improve care in the German Children’s Hospitals in Berlin, personally decided (as consultant to Hitler’s Chancellery) on the deaths of thousands of handicapped children. Hans Nachtsheim placed delivery orders for handicapped children for his pressure chamber experiments on epilepsy. Joseph Mengele delivered genetic and anthropological “material” from Auschwitz to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and conducted his infamous twin experiments on the child victims of the Holocaust.

And in another disconnect from reality they apparently don’t realize that all good dictators ban and confiscate weapons in the hands of ordinary people. Such as Nazi Germany’s, Weapons Control Act of 1938 and the policies of the USSR.

So, I must conclude that, the claims that President Donald Trump is “God Emperor”, “Hitler”, or a dictator of any sort, are premature at best. The actions taken and professed directions of his polices make a dictatorship and mass infringement upon the rights of ordinary people more difficult. I’m far from convinced that he going to usher in utopian Libertarian era, but there are significant indicator that he is going in the wrong direction to implement a dictatorship.

Hence, I have to conclude most of those millions of people protesting are suffering from some sort of mass delusion. Those which are not suffering a disconnect from reality are protesting because they have been distanced from the levers of power by the election.


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  1. The “God-Emperor” references are to a RPG called “Warhammer 40,000 (or warhammer 40k). It’s a way to play on the left’s fear of religion with a God (as opposed to their own worshiping of The State) and make their heads get all ‘splody and irrational. I.e., it’s a meme.
    http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=god-emperor&FORM=HDRSC2 for examples. There are also a lot of fun 40k images for “heretic”

  2. Re: Your last paragraph. Are you just realizing that NOW? 😉
    Good golly, I’ve known the left was delusional for decades.

    • My SIL (the frothing-mouthed leftist) was in Downtown LA today with my brother to protest (apparently) the mere thought that the President thinks Roe v Wade was a bad ruling.
      I guess in addition to the pocket Constitution I gave my brother last year, I’ll have to give him a copy of Griswold v Connecticut, Eisenstadt v Baird and Roe v Wade.
      I had hoped that the Constitution would give him a clue that Supreme Court decisions trump* Executive Orders.
      After reading those cases, if she thinks that should be free, I can’t help her.

      And a couple of questions for input from Joe, Lyle and Rolf — and some regular commenters, too: If you are a white guy so vehemently and in some cases violently opposed to the mere thought of Donald Trump being President, are you a self-loathing white male? If you are of another race and oppose anything the President does or proposes, are you an unredeemable racist all the way down to your DNA? I ask because I want the next 4-8 years to be as little changed from the last 8 years, and knowing what to say to dissenters would help a lot.

      *Yep, four (and I hope eight) years of bad puns on the President’s name.

      • For those on the left, being a racist or sexist or whatever-ist is about speaking the right opinions, not about what you do. It’s who you are. Hating Trump because he’s a powerful white man is fine. It’s about class struggle, not race. If you don’t hate him and you are poor, it’s because you are stupid, or a class-traitor. Bill Clinton isn’t a misogynist because while he raped women, he said he supported women’s right! Only whites can be racist. Only the poor or women or non-whites can be “authentic.” Only when whites “appropriate” cultural items is it bad. A conservative black or woman is a sell-out.

        Re Roe v Wade: Ask them if they know that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, an avowed racists and eugenicist, primarily for the purpose of limiting the birthrate of undesirables like blacks. Who’s the real racist? And the little blue-and-yellow “=” bumper-sticker proclaiming gay rights? One of the founders was a convicted child rapist who sought to legalize pedophilia through incremental changes in law to be more inclusive of “alternative lifestyles” “marginalized people”. Do they support that, too? If Trump supporters can be demonized by association, then….

        I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot of shit thrown at the Wall of Trump to see what sticks, but most of it won’t. It will drive the left into paroxysms of rage, and the mainstream and political right will see that mast slipping, and they’ll see that Trump really isn’t literally Hitler and his re-election will be a HUGE turd in the Left’s punch-bowl. After a while people get tired of being called an -ist for every little thing. Eventually they’ll say “well, if everything I do will be called wrong, then I might as well do what’s best for me.”

        I just hope we never find out the truth of the joke that goes, roughly:
        When blacks riot, they burn down the neighborhood.
        When Hispanics riot, they burn down the next neighborhood over.
        When whites riot, they burn down nations.

        John: *writes Revelations* Lord, the End is signaled by trumpets?
        God: No, Trump/Pence
        John: Right. Trumpets.
        God: Fine. They’ll know.

      • “if you are a white guy so vehemently and in some cases violently opposed to the mere thought of Donald Trump being President, are you a self-loathing white male?”

        The very question comes from a position of racism. It presupposes that, as a white guy, I have allegiance to other white guys, no matter what, only because they are white.

        What nonsense! It places race over ideology, race over principles, race over the pursuit of truth, race over the choice between good and evil.

        Those who would even ask that question are pathetic. They are, in sailing parlance, “three sheets to the wind”. They’re the same ones who sought to shut us up anytime we criticized Obama, calling us “raaaacist!”

        I’m tired of that drivel, and I refuse to engage in it, to be intimidated by it, or otherwise distracted by it. Call me names. I don’t care. I don’t need to defend my ideology. I’ll be pursuing the truth. Keep calling me names, keep race baiting, go fuck yourself. You’ve completely missed the boat. I am disinclined to lift a finger to rescue you at this point, after all my efforts aimed at getting you to see and understand the concept of guiding principles.

        Stay out of my face (and out of my wallet) until you’re ready to listen to reason. And I mean stay out of my face, OR ELSE. I’m not listening to you, I’m not pandering to you, I’m not supporting you, I won’t be intimidated (rather I see you as a sick joke) and I’m not tolerating your criminal actions even though I understand that someone else put you up to it, fooled you, and is using you as a disposable tool for their purposes. You loot, I shoot.

        When you’re tired of being used, when you’re ready to be reasonable, responsible, and free, then come talk to me, but the INSTANT you even APPEAR to pull the race card (or the gender card, or any other group-think card) we’re done. I’m waaay out of patience for that horseshit.

        None of this has anything to do with Trump though, so maybe I misunderstand the question. So far, Trump hasn’t actually done much, so it’s difficult to support or to oppose him. I can say that his inauguration address didn’t contain much if any substance, and gave me no reason to back away from my assertion of his being a new form of National Socialist. Maybe as a tool to discredit the “Right”. More on that later…

        Meanwhile; be careful what you wish for, and don’t be too quick to celebrate. We can celebrate all we want, much later.

        • If you were a black man over the past 8 years and more, if you weren’t in lock step with the Leftists in the Democrat Party, you were a self-hating black man. I am seeking to apply the Alinsky rule of applying their rules to themselves. Not that Leftists will not fight tooth and nail and viciously, to avoid getting their own medicine back.

  3. Well, all this front-page angst isn’t completely negative – it’s a useful indicator of mental state. Injecting a mild and non-commital statement about the women’s march, or, for that matter, Trump himself, is pretty much guaranteed to produce some sort of response by which one may judge the mental, social and political position of one’s interlocutor. I figure it’ll save me huge amounts of time in the aquaintance selection process.

    • People want to bang their heads against a wall in protest of something they imagine Trump may do, more power to them. I don’t care a whit. I’ll watch and chuckle, maybe, if I’m not too busy.

      Set other people’s things on fire, break other people’s things, get violent? That’s a whoooole different situation. It’s time to round up the rioters and looters, the fire-starters, the bomb-throwing Marxists, America haters, and anarchists, AND more importantly, to to round up those who are funding and organizing them, and put them on trial, then hang them, then seize and dissipate their assets and their networks of associations (cough…Soros…cough).

  4. Regarding firearms ownership, I think that Suzanna Hupp challenged her congress critters that their view of the right of citizens to be armed spoke volumes about the respect for them and that the ultimate role of firearms was for their use against such miserable politicians.

    Trump cannot be Hitler when he confirms that citizens deserve to be armed.

    Pure projection from the Left since we put up with the illegal orders from the turd that just left the White House. They do love their dictators (e.g. Castro, the Imans).

    • ALL citizens, not just the non-Jews, non-Gypsies, non-Communists, non-mentally ill, and non-physically handicapped

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