Commemorative 45

Trump will, later today, become our 45th President. He’s a gun owner, and generally pro-gun as near as I can tell. I wonder how many variations of “Trump Commemorative 45” will be produced and offered if he starts living up to even a modest fraction of his hype / hope / potential? An ironically logo’ed 45 pistol suppressor after the Hear Protection Act is passed? All manner of revolvers and semi-autos, obviously. I’ve already seen a 1911 slide. What would you like to see, and be willing to pay a little extra for just to make it a little less PC, and a part of history? A .45-70 Govt? A .45 Colt? A 45 Trump Magnum? A 1911 long slide with “Trumpenator” on it? A slick-finished 45 ACP with “Teflon Don” on it?

The joy of another inauguration with Hillary Clinton watching someone else taking the oath.


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  1. .45-70 would be apropos as it would reflect his status as 45th president, and his age (70) at swearing in…

  2. I’m thinking a new FA .45 Thompson with a presidential exemption to the Hughes Amendment, or maybe from the ’34 NFA entirely.

    What? The president can’t just override the law like that with an executive order? Funny, there’s a whole lot of recent precedent for the office of the president choosing to not enforce certain laws and Congress and the Judiciary just rolling over for it.

    The people who spent the last eight years weaponizing the government and eroding rule of law in anticipation of a different president are going to regret it. Maybe Trump will dedicate his seventh year in office proposing limits and constraints on the power of the executive, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • IANAL, but it seems to me the president as commander in chief and chief law enforcement officer can probably make use of the same exemptions as either law enforcement or the military. Any small arms he wants to have are probably legal. After he leaves office, I’m not so sure.

      The way it should be in America would be that any weapon legal for agents of the state should be legal for any citizen.

      • More so, because the Constitution gives the government authority over the arming and training of the militia and the armed forces — but it grants no authority over the arms of the people.

  3. I’m not sold that Trump is much of a conservative, or a pro-2A guy.

    But watching the left lose their collective minds over his election has been entertaining enough that if he’s content to take a Calvin Coolidge approach and simply not resist any pro-2A advances? I’ll take it with a smile.

    • The Donald may not be, but his older sons are big time hunters and are quite vocal in their pro-gun and pro-NFA advocacy.
      Donald Jr. even made a vid with SilencerCo and actually invited the CEO to the inauguration.
      And I do think that they have a great amount of influence in their father’s politics and thus presidential policies. But, that’s just me.

    • I can’t say how much of a pro-2A guy he is; he’s changed his mind (or at least his utterances) on the subject over the years, mostly for the better. How sincere is he? Ask me again this time next year.

      He’s not much of a conservative. Remember, though, that his supporters generally aren’t conservatives either; they’re nationalist-populists (with a strong minority of non-movement conservatives who decided that he was the best we’d get this time around, and some people who would be conservatives except they’ve apparently smoked enough dope to mistake Trump for the love child of Calvin Coolidge and Rose Wilder Lane).

      • Given the alternative we were facing, he’s comparatively VERY gun-friendly. I will remain optimistic until proven otherwise.

  4. Hmm. I didn’t see any Obama 44 commemoratives. He was the greatest gun salesman of at least a century, there are plenty of 44 designated cartridges, and so you’d think we’d be seeing a lot of those. A S&W break top in 44 Russian would be a nice one for right about nowish. Maybe a special design that readily comes unhinged.

    • Given his background, a 44 Russian Obama commemorative would be hysterically funny as a gag gift. Made with shoddy materials, only with a parkerized finish, uncertain manufacturing origin (domestic? imported?) Ported for increased noise, but with an extra wide bore to minimize pressure and velocity, have “TOP” and “BOTTOM” actually stamped on the halves.

      Yeah, someone at the very least needs to Photoshop up an advertisement poster for it.Could be a meme with legs. Of course, some of the good “God-Emperor Trump” pictures could be extended in the same way, different direction. Who is the painter that does presidents (like Regan) in heroic poses with guns? he could have a blast with this.

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