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My civil liberties are non-negotiable.

If you think guns are too dangerous to own, then by all means -don’t own one.
If you think guns are too dangerous for me to own, don’t think you won’t need one to get mine.

I like Pie
January 18, 2017
Comment to Gun control groups protest at Texas Capitol
[Anti-gun people should also look at the numbers before they dismiss statements such as the one above.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—I like Pie

  1. About 200 activists were organized to rally in Austin in 2016, facing a Republican legislature and governor, both intent on easing firearm restrictions in Texas ever more.

    In 2013, when Obama’s antigun pogrom was launched after the school shooting in CT, over 600 normal people rallied with almost zero coordination at the Texas capital in support of gun rights.

    We can now calculate that there is at least a 3:1 ratio among protesters, professional or volunteers, for gun rights.

    Considering that the antigun forces bus people in groups to protests, that the antigun groups have paid staff that coordinate such protests, that the antigun groups are essentially paid protesters, while the progun protesters are apparently driving themselves to the protests, at their own expense, and freely taking part for no personal benefit other than retention of their rights after a simple announcement in the newspaper that the protest is scheduled, I think the ratio may be more than 3:1 progun in the population as a whole.

  2. Way back in the early seventies, before Roe v Wade was decided (and after, when people woke up to what was being done), the argument for abortion was, “If you think abortion is wrong, then by all means -don’t get one.” That shut opponents up at a critical juncture. Now, for some reason, because some people with poor self control (and I’m looking at my frothing-mouthed to-the-left-of-Stalin-and-Pol_Pot S-I-L) fear what they would do if they owned a gun, now everyone has to participate.

    These hoplophobes (Peace be unto the name of Colonel Cooper) who wish to disarm people not afflicted with their pathological fear are like people who feel rattlesnakes are too dangerous and so want to empty every rat hole to assure themselves that no rattlesnakes are near, and use the natural reaction of a cornered rattlesnake as the argument for why all rattlesnakes must die.

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