Going on offense

The gun rights movement has largely been playing defense for a long time, with occasional and gradual wins here and there, now with increasing frequency in the last decade. But it’s always gotten bad press by the legacy media. There is hope that things will be going high-profile and on offense with the new administration.

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (HPA) was introduced January 9th. It would remove suppressors from being an NFA weapon with a tax stamp. It would also likely be a great business-stimulus. More here.

Of course, the legacy media claims it’s all about enabling hit-men and criminals. But then, accuracy was never really a priority with them.


4 thoughts on “Going on offense

  1. Can the pro-gun side make the legislation ratchet only in a pro-rights direction, like the anti-gun side to the anti-rights direction for so long?

    Make it so repeal is unthinkable on any legislation!

  2. When it comes to Republicans, one must be very careful about any talk of going on offense. To most of them today, “going on offense” would mean going after those stupid, far right wingers, g-damned conservatives, constitutionalists, tea-baggers, “Hobbits”, and other hicks and fools so we can all finally move on with our global initiatives, the Thousand Points of Light and other Marxist horseshit they don’t even know is Marxist because they’ve simply been immersed in it all their lives. If they didn’t have to lower themselves to pander for our votes, and make excuses to their Progressive friends for it, they’d be very much relieved.

    So don’t ever make the mistake of telling a Republican to “Go On Offense”. Rather, you’ll have to be very, very specific, and then repeat yourself several times, on what you want them to do.

    • Agreed. I was thinking more “the gun rights movement” than “republicans.” I fully recognize the two are not synonymous, and more than “honest” and “politician.” Regardless of the source, it’s legislative movement in the correct direction.

  3. One of the more recent anti-gun ideas has been “copy European gun laws and and paste them onto America” which is funny, because the use of suppressors there is legal, encouraged, even required in many instances.

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