Quote of the day—Michelle Gajda

[Assault weapons] are not used in the majority of mass shootings and not in the big picture of gun violence in America.

Michelle Gajda
The Florida chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
January 13, 2017
More gun control makes Florida safer, proponents say
[She is absolutely correct. Hands and feet are use to murder more people in this country than “assault weapons”.

Please note the organization she represents.

In her organization it’s rare for someone to be this clued into reality. Expect her career there to be short.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michelle Gajda

  1. I wonder what happened to Chryl Anderson who is/was the known face and acknowledged face of Moms Demand in Florida. Maybe her penchant for identifying felons as victims of gun violence has not been properly accepted by HQ.
    And I can’t find a lot of info ob the new mom either.

  2. Acknowledging the truth is bad joo joo among communists. They’ll turn on you if you show a reluctance to embrace the lies.

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  4. Not spouting their falsehoods and supporting the orthodoxy…she will be shown the door in…3…2…1…

    I was wrong. I read the stupid story and she is instead targeting the whole class of handguns. So something a bit more targeted, but still totally impossible given the rulings in Heller and McDonald.

    Seriously Democrats, how is trying to limit magazine size and outlawing a certain style of weapon going to impact criminals and muslim terrorists?

    It will not.

    • It won’t, but that’s ok, because the intent isn’t to disarm criminals. The intent is to make law abiding people into defenseless victims.

  5. One more thing. If “assault weapons” (definitions vary because it is a capricious term) are only meant to kill people, please explain why our LEOs carry them?

    We deserve them so that we have something that approaches military grade weapons because the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is so we can repel invaders and keep our nasty politicians in check.

  6. She is targeting handguns and “large capacity” magazines first. THEN she’ll get around to the “assault weapons” later. And the Demshovik propaganda machine known as big media with conveniently forget what she said last Friday.
    The internet may be forever but if the clueless don’t bother to follow up and read the comments sections of the article then the old adage of “A lie can make it all the way around the world before the truth can make it out of the gate.” still holds true.

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