Like from an Ayn Rand story

The irony:

President Obama awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to a shocked Vice President Biden on Thursday at the White House.

Biden also helped oversee the president’s first-term economic stimulus package and pressed unsuccessfully for gun-control legislation after the killing of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

To be fair to Biden:

In his remarks, Biden praised Obama for serving the nation with dignity and insisted that he was not worthy of the honor.

“I don’t deserve this,” the vice president said repeatedly.

Biden was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in part, for attempting to dramatically infringe upon our freedom.

This is like something from an Ayn Rand story where incompetent villains give each other awards. This cheapens the award to the point of making it a joke. But, I suppose it’s entirely in character with Obama getting the Nobel Peace prize.

Although I can’t imagine the tarnish on the award being removed for at least a generation Trump could polish a portion of it and troll the enemies of freedom by giving the award to Alan Gura, Neal Knox (posthumously), Alan Gottlieb, and/or Wayne LaPierre.


10 thoughts on “Like from an Ayn Rand story

  1. I think it’s more of Obama being such a punk, he just gave a big fuck you to all the legitimate recipients of the medal.

    I don’t even think Obama even likes Biden.

    • Yup. He’s a punk who likes to screw with people just because he doesn’t like them, and he can. For example, the M1 tanks “deployed” to Germany? Not enough troops deployed with them, and not enough ammo or support supplies, or support personnel. No actual plan to use them. It is nothing more than a giant money-burning exercise, using up “discretionary” money before O leaves office so that either Trump can’t do anything with the tanks, or has to borrow money from somewhere else making the deficit look worse. In other words, he’s wasting a billion dollars or more just to screw with Trump, the troops, and the Taxpayer. Different articles have the actual numbers of tanks, trucks, troops, and cost all over the place, but it appears to be at least that when all aspects of transport, support, protection, personnel, storage, etc, are considered. I have seen no current military need to send them.

    • Through a door. Biden actually recommended that if you’re feeling nervous about whoever it may be at your door, just fire a couple of blasts through the door. You know, like they sometimes do on TV. The mind of the Progressive lives in TV Land.

      So you get the Honor Guard to stay in their bunks, and simply fire through the closed, main door from inside.

      You’d have to first equip them with double shotguns though. Nothing but the best for our troops, so order nice English doubles. That’d be around $50,000.00 to 150,000.00 each, depending on features and grade.

      • Sorry, BHO hates the military. They only get to pass around on H&R single barrel in 20 gauge.

  2. The Medal of Freedom. I don’t believe this is ironic. It’s not ironic because the Progressive/political/criminal class actually does believe that they are advocating for freedom. They want freedom from right, to do wrong. They want freedom from the constraints of the constitution, and from the moral constraints they feel are unjustly imposed upon them by Judaeo/Christian civilization.

    Like Democrats have always believed, they want the “freedom”, the “right”, to practice slavery (coercive redistribution, et al). They truly do view themselves as oppressed, and their heroes (Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Mao, Obama, Mussolini, et al) as would-be liberators. So no; it’s not irony. It is sickness. It’s a deadly, virulent disease and it’s killed more people than the Black Plague.

  3. This was Biden’s reward for being the best life insurance money can buy.

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