Quote of the day—Larry Correia

Larry Correia
Posted on Facebook January 8, 2016
[At least he knows how many after only a couple seconds of slow blinking.—Joe]


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  1. It’s not about the person at all. It’s about answering the question. “You’re better off with an AR” doesn’t say anything about Rifle X. The question was about Rifle X, for those who had experience with it.

    If your reply involves explaining to someone; “Don’t you know who I am? Why, I’m somebody” then chances are you’re doing it wrong. You’re trying to “pull rank” as an alternative to making an argument that can stand on its own. If your argument can’t stand on its own, then take a few steps back and re-think it.

    • That behavior is so common, too. Besides the speaking-from-false-authority fallacy, I think there’s also a desire among many people to contribute to a forum thread, even if they have nothing terribly useful to contribute. If the question is about Rifle X, and those *with experience using it*, one would hope that would filter out a lot of folks. But no – the blowhards will immediately pipe in with, “That’s a – insert rifle brand here – and they only make crap/are Unamerican/haven’t built a decent rifle since 1904. I wouldn’t own one and have never shot one, but here’s my opinion anyway.” I see that on fora about guns, motorcycles, even welding or machining equipment. “Don’t buy that crap Taiwanese lathe! Buy a 60 year old ‘Murican piece of scrap and spend two years restoring it before you can even think about making chips!”

      There’s another category of folks who probably are trying to be helpful, but lack the breadth of experience. So they answer, “Why not just buy a Ruger instead of that expensive – XYZ – brand? My new Scout Rifle is the best thing since sliced bread, and if it fits my needs, it will certainly fit yours!”

      And of course, there’s the fan-boys, who have to inject their opinion into every. single. thread. “That -XYZ- rifle is okay I guess, but what you really need is a Glock.”

      • Well, said “authority” can be very real, or it can be false, but relying on it to make a point is usually not the best argument.

    • For those people it doesn’t show up for, the referenced post:

      I wish helpful people on the Internet would learn a little bit more about the person they are responding to before offering helpful advice.

      “I’m thinking about getting Rifle X. Anybody use one?”
      “You are better off with an AR!”
      Blinks slowly – “I already own sixteen.”

      Larry Correia

    • I do not use facebook at all, no account, but when I clicked on the link it took me to that post. I did have to click “Not Now” when asked to sign in but after that I was able to see the posting.

  2. That “get an AR” guy is not very observant. Larry’s avatar photo shows him holding a heavily accessorized AR !!!

  3. You’re better off with a flintlock long rifle. Or maybe a flintlock jaeger.


    Because when you get good with that, you can pretty much hit anything with a modern rifle.

    • This, IMNSHO, is the model of the way to answer this question:

      “I’m thinking about getting Rifle X. Anybody use one?”
      “You are better off with an AR…because Rifle X lacks desirable feature Z that an AR has.”
      Blinks slowly – “I already own sixteen.”
      “Well then buy an Albion Ringeck; spending money on Rifle X is a waste.”

      (The opinions expressed may be wrong, but at least you know why they’re given.)

  4. I wish I knew what rifle-x was. Larry Corriea being interested in it is enough of a recommendation that I might want to at least look at it.

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