Quote of the day—Jay Sekulow

This was a fake, false investigation from the outset.

Jay Sekulow
Chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice
Previously U.S. Treasury Department in the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS
October 13, 2017
FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider
[Read the whole thing. Take your blood pressure meds before you start. This is especially true if you have, or have had, a security clearance.

It is understandable though. Think of it from the point of view of FBI Director James Comey or Attorney General Loretta Lynch at that time. Even if you remove the possibility of Arkancide it was going to be difficult for them to charge Clinton without having extremely strong moral character.

It looked like Clinton was a shoe-in to win the election. If they charged her and she still won the country would have a complex, highly emotional, problem to solve. Riots would be likely and property and lives may have been lost. Or, quite likely, Obama would have just pardoned her and she became president anyway. Imagine the career options they would have had with President Clinton as their boss.

If, after being charged, Clinton lost the election Comey and Lynch would have been blamed for the loss. Then they, and probably their children, would have been in fear for their lives from the angry and violent left for a decade or more. The country would have been even more divided than it is now.

So, I can see why Comey might have just decided the best of all the bad options was to let the voters decide and risk letting a known criminal become president. I don’t think I would have chosen that option but it’s hard to say until you are forced to make the decision. And it is entirely possible Comey and/or Lynch could see Arkancide as a high probability event in their futures.—Joe]


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  1. “Imagine the career options they would have had with President Clinton as their boss”

    We are not talking about 30 somethings here with years of work ahead of them. Both Comey and Lynch rose to the top of their fields, They had nothing more to do career wise with Lynch possibly being named to the Supreme Court. If she had won, resign and enjoy the money from your book contracts.

    So the choices that are left are cowardice or corruption. You can decide which one fit’s the drama.

    I doubt even the Clinton Crime family could whack the former heads of the FBI or the Justice Department and get away with it. Slander the hell out of them for sure but killing would be off the table.

    • i completely agree with all but the last paragraph. I wouldn’t be surprised if Comey dies of a “sudden heart attack” in the next couple years.

      • A heart attack a la Harry Dexter White, with a toxic level of Digitalis in his blood? If no one wanted to look for it, was it ever really there?

  2. “If, if, if, if….” This is how our Republic died. Everyone is war-gaming instead of doing the right thing.

    The concept of doing the right thing is, “do the right thing, come what may”. Remember? Lives, fortunes, sacred honor?

    Also this concept of a prosecutor or an AG being blamed for single-handedly determining the outcome of an election is simply insane. Several people have repeated it, but it’s fundamentally insane. The criminal bitch determines her fate, and influences the outcome of the election. The prosecutors do their duty.

    The fallout lies solely on the shoulders of the criminal bitch. That’s why criminal bitches are to be stopped before they go so far that the fallout of their criminal bitch actions can cause major upheaval. What’s not to understand? We’re all pretending like these concepts are totally foreign to us, and that alone means we’re fucked no matter what clever war games we come up with.

    And so it is that we have rationalizations for dereliction of duty being treated as clever thinking, and even compassion for the country. Holy shit. So now a county sheriff or a small town cop can’t arrest a serial burglar because he “doesn’t want to single-handedly break up a family and put other people out of work”, and so on and on and on and on….

    Yup. We’re fucked.

    • Umm, yeah.

      And the considerations of a county sheriff or small town cop you describe are not hypothetical. Cf the Chicago torture of the “young man” by the “kids” that, if it were not for public outcry would have gone exactly as Lyle describes.

      Fish rot from the head.

    • It’s not insane to believe others would blame Comey or Lynch for Hillary’s loss. They are blaming Comey now even when he decided to not push prosecution. Those people may be infected with more than a little insanity but that’s a different claim.

      Officer Darren Wilson did the right thing when he shot and killed Michael Brown. Yet he, and white police officers in general, were blamed, a tremendous amount of property damage occurred and people were hurt. I suspect Comey took those sort of outcomes into consideration. Should have he? In my book, only to the extent that law enforcement needed to be put on alert to prepare for such things. But I can see it affecting the decisions of other people.

    • How can you do “the right thing” if you’re an FBI employee? Your job is entirely unconstitutional; discussing any further details isn’t meaningful.

  3. Pure cowardice. I would also go with bought and paid for Clinton drones.

    Comey should have resigned if he could not do the right thing. Remember the Spider-Man quote that with great power comes great responsibility.

    Loretta Lynch brings shame to my fine name (i.e. Lynch) and I demand that she change her name to not soil my reputation. She is Obama’s BITCH and I mean it in every sense.

    Seriously, just because the Hildabeast ran for the office does not absolve her of anything.

    Just what would it take for her to be indicted despite threats of riots and death threats?

    – Would a human or child sacrifice on the debate stage suffice?

    – How about selling state secrets to the Russians and the Chinese during her debate portion?

    – How about promising to declare martial law and set up detention camps for Republicans?

    I think a large number of her followers would still pull the lever for her in any of these cases and therein lies the problem.

    She absolutely MUST be prosecuted to show that the rule of law still exists. You do not get to run out the clock because you ran for POTUS.

    • You do not get to run out the clock because you ran for POTUS.

      Except, of course, you do. Because republics die when losing an election results in imprisonment or worse, something that Trump by and large acknowledged after the election, as do they die when people like her are above the law. So I say it was definitively over when the Democrats nominated her, however the election turned out.

      • You’re right, but the subject here isn’t being imprisoned for losing an election, but for breaking the law long before the election. Those are two entirely different things, and the fact that people are trying to pretend the latter is the same as the former is the actual problem.

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