Violence and the left – pathology and party

Interesting interview by Stefan Molyneux of an academic researcher. Dr. John Paul Wright is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati and the author of “Criminals in the Making: Criminality Across the Life Course.” More links and discussion at his youtube page.

Not a lot we here didn’t already know, but interesting. I like some of his observations about why this sort of connection are not normally the subject of research.


1 thought on “Violence and the left – pathology and party

  1. Yes, well I believe that as a society we’ve been deluding ourselves into applying a sort of moral equivalence between ideologies. Even we libertarians tend to do it, and it’s actually a leftist behavior.

    In other words; the very question (“are those on the left more criminal?”) is a silly one, which can only come from a deluded state. Of course those on the left are more criminal– Leftism is criminality itself, adapted, dressed up in nice clothes, and foisted on us as a political system. It’s very basis is the denial of human rights and property, which is the definition of criminality. Leftism, being crime itself, is of course also the antithesis of every American founding principle.

    I suppose that so many of us have been so deluded for so long (no one alive today has seen America without a Progressive [incremental communist, i.e. criminal] government/education/media/entertainment complex), that the question must be asked, as part of the process of waking up and being able to truly see our delusions as such. In that sense I highly approve. Those two guys are good at what they do, and we need more of that.

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