Quote of the day—Keith McFarland @KeithMcFarland

Some people deserve ironic deaths that disprove everything they lived their lives for.

Keith McFarland @KeithMcFarland
Tweeted on December 31, 2016
[Via email from Paul K.

This was in regards to this:

M. D. Harmon, a conservative columnist who frequently wrote in favor of gun ownership rights for the Portland Press Herald, died this week after being accidentally shot by a teenage boy.

Don’t ever forget that these people want you dead.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Keith McFarland @KeithMcFarland

  1. TO paraphrase: Come the Glorious Revolution of Socialism, they think it appropriate they themselves die first.

    Because Irony. And because someone has to be in the first millions to go.

  2. McFarland hates the American founders then, and hates America too, being that America was set up to protect the rights he hates.

    By his logic; if you love to ski and you die skiing, it’s a deserved, ironic death? If you like cars, and die in a traffic accident, it’s an ironic, deserved death? And so on and so on.

    Anyway, there is clearly a large population of America-haters (which, by definition, are enemies of the state) in America. Something has got to give, eventually.

  3. I wonder what he’ll have to say about this:


    “Tarak Andrew Underiner wanted Ohio college students to have the right to carry guns on campus so they could defend themselves in dangerous situations – say, leaving the library late at night and traveling home alone.

    “Now he’s the first homicide of 2017 in Columbus.

    “The Lantern reports that the Ohio State University campus-carry activist was ‘found dead from gunshot wounds’ at a residence near campus when police responded to a shooting around 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

    “The police report says investigators don’t think the shooting was ‘random in nature.’ “

    • “Oh well, he had it coming.”

      Seriously. Like Joe says, this is what they think of us.

  4. I always thought it was the other way around; that the gun grabbers could be easily robbed, raped, and murdered by criminals while they are unarmed per their ideology.

    Now, that is what they want us to be…disarmed and subjugated. I will not comply and will not humor them or their twisted immoral world view.

  5. What really gets to me is the reason!

    What he’s saying is: this man deserved to die… because he disagreed with me. He deserved to DIE because the opinion of mine, with which he disagreed, is very, very important to me.

    Think for a moment about how disgusting that is.

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