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We shouldn’t “take them away” from people who currently own them, necessarily. That would likely cause just as many problems. I’m sure there are more than a few disgruntled gun owners out there who would take a ban as an assault on liberty, and act accordingly. We should, rather, phase them out over time, similar to the way in which the CPSC dealt with drop-sides. Allow those who currently own guns to keep them, but ban the future manufacture, sale and resale of guns and ammunition for personal use.

Hollis Phelps
December 4, 2015
The Second Amendment must go: We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

“More than a few”? I suggest they put some numbers in their spreadsheet and reevaluate the consequences.—Joe]


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  1. Mr. Phelps is somewhere between clueless and functionally retarded. I can think of an American sub-culture in which, although the sale of guns and ammunition is virtually or completely banned, it is still easier to get a handgun than a bottle of Sudafed. I am sure that you can think of one, too, as can 99% of the readers of your blog. Does Mr. Phelps really, really want his next-door neighbors to become part of that sub-culture?

  2. Phelps’ attitude, other than being a textbook case of Progressive (incremental communist revolutionary, as distinguished from the precipitous, violent revolutionary) thinking, exposes his lack of critical thinking.

    There more than enough guns already in circulation in America to arm every man, woman and child. The communists would have to round them up at some stage. The law abiding would turn them over,leaving all of the law abiding unarmed and the law breakers armed.

    That is what we currently see, in part, in Democrat-occupied areas like Chicago and DC. The communist fantasy world would be like that everywhere; a violent crime-ridden hell hole.

    Gun aren’t ever going away, and anyone who thinks about that just a little bit will know it. The only question then is whether the law-abiding will have them, or guns will be exclusively in the hands of the government/criminal class.

    And so the real question here is whether Phelps comprehends any of this, and therefore knowingly wants to turn all of America into a violent crime-ridden hell hole, or whether he’s just an unwitting tool for those who do.

    Adam Corola and Dennis Preger address this question and others in this refreshing discussion;

  3. I don’t think Hollis has an appreciation for the longevity of wood and steel let alone modern synthetics. I might or might not have a Remington Model 10, 31 and 887. The Mosin is about 75 years old. And, banned or not, I have a set of Jarts which will last long after I am gone.

  4. Ammo might be a bit more problematic, though brass can be reused and bullets can be cast. It would be interesting to develop a home shop recipe for cordite, or something analogous. I know that primers are easy, at least if you’re willing to put up with the admitted drawbacks of mercury fulminate.
    Come to think of it, I would thing cases could be 3d printed, as could primer cups. And I remember a British recipe for home-made ammo (on thehomegunsmith.com) starting with blanks (starter pistol type).

    • You can make black powder with stump remover, sulfur fungicide, and charcoal from your local garden store. It’s not quite as powerful as smokeless powder, but it needn’t be in order to still be effective. It is dirty, though, but I don’t mind so much (flintlock shooter). Also, you can reload primers with the tips of strike-anywhere matches.

      Guns are a 700+ year old technology that for most of that time, were made with tools and materials inferior to what you can find at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  5. A more interesting question: are lawn darts protected by the second amendment? I contend that the answer is yes.

    • Whether they are or not, there is no ban on the use or ownership of them, nor on the manufacture for personal use. You want lawn darts? You can make lawn darts. You can play lawn darts.

      • There might be a ban on them in Mass. Just about anything useful is banned in that state.
        Come to think of it, even fairly sane states like NH have, or used to have, bans on various other weapons. “Dirks” are (or were) banned here, though the law didn’t actually define what a dirk is.
        As a general principle, you should assume that any weapon not yet banned by left wing state laws is so merely due to an oversight.

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