Doctor Joe’s Cure makes you smarter

Confirmation for Doctor Joe’s Cure for Everything. Indications are that it makes you smarter:

A growing body of research suggests that frequent sexual activity has brain benefits. For instance, a 2010 study on male rats discovered a link between sexual activity and neuron growth. Specifically, rats that were allowed to have sex daily over a two-week period demonstrated more neuron growth than rats that were only allowed to have sex once during that time. Likewise, a 2013 study—which also focused on male rats—found that daily sexual activity was linked not only to generation of more new neurons, but also to enhanced cognitive functioning.

Smaller studies with humans suggest the effect is present in humans as well.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Joe’s Cure makes you smarter

  1. joe:

    yeah, and what were all those rats w/ the added neurons preoccupied with?

    nuclear physics? i think not. my bet is they were thinking (more) about getting more sex.

    that’s all we need. a human race thinking about more sex, …. , if that is indeed possible.

    john jay

    • The human tests found:

      women who had more frequent sexual intercourse evidenced better recall of abstract words

      But, as noted in the article, a larger and better study is required because in humans the existing study only showed correlation, not causation.

  2. Now, the question is, how can I use this information to benefit my brother, married now for 15 years to Miss Nitroglycerine?

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