They are seldom accused of being smart

Sebastian tells us Nevada Background Check Initiative Can’t Be Implemented:

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Years all rolled into one: Bloomberg spend 20 million dollars in Nevada to secure a razor thin win, and he still gets nothing. The Attorney General in Nevada checked with the FBI and the law as it was written is simply not implementable. The FBI stated that states can’t commander federal policy on the matter, and that they refuse to conduct the checks in accordance with the way Bloomberg’s new law requires.


11 thoughts on “They are seldom accused of being smart

  1. joe: another attempt at the soviet society comes smashing against the rocks. “it is to laugh, it is to cry.” — bugs bunny. john jay
    p.s. as i get older bugs and pogo seem to get smarter. and, lil’ abner makes a lot more sense. beats me.

  2. Paging Nelson Muntz, paging Nelson Muntz. Nelson Muntz to the white courtesy phone, please!

  3. Bah, hah, hah, ha!!!

    The FBI refuses to perform background checks per the State Law.

    Didn’t really expect to be saying this anytime soon, but good for the G-Men.

    Jeff B.

    • They may not be Point Of Contact states (the FFL already directly contacts NICS for the background check) In NV, the FFL contacts the NV Department of Public Safety who checks state DBs, and also contacts NICS. It’s also why a BG check costs $25 hete and not $10 or $15.
      The UBC tried to pass last time with NV DPS as the background checking agency, but that failed. This time they specifically wrote NVDPS out of it, specifying the Feds as the background checking agency. But I guess NICS doesn’t like being voluntold.

  4. Perhaps some enterprising pro gunners can invent some AstroTurf, seemingly. “Common sense gun safety” organization that could push innocuous, or even beneficial legislation and help Bloomberg piss away even more of his fortune.

  5. We will have to see if the Attorney General interpretation stands up, but this is absolutely hilarious. Its illustrative of what we have been saying, Bloomberg’s lawyers are utterly incompetent and can’t draft legislation worth a crap.

  6. I will bet the hope was more along the lines of “You must pass a background check to purchase a firearm, and the new law requires a Federal check instead of the State version. If the Feds refuse to do their check then nobody can purchase another gun, since no background checks would be completed.”

    Stealth ban by making background checks impossible.

  7. Anything that will make Bloomberg’s panties too tight is a big plus.

    I hope that useless piece of liberal crud croaks soon and he can’t take his money with him. Recall that this arrogant bastard thought he would sail right into Heaven. No, his eternal destination is not going to be pleasant.

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