Quote of the day—Charles C.W. Cooke

On the face of it, the AHSA was an answer to the NRA—a grassroots group for gun owners who want more gun restrictions. In reality, it was a front group masterminded by a contractor for the Brady Center, a donor to Handgun Control Inc., and a founder of Stop Handgun Violence. When, in 2010, AHSA announced that it was shutting its doors for lack of members, nobody was especially surprised: That’s what happens when you build a political outfit to accommodate a political bloc that doesn’t actually exist.

Charles C.W. Cooke
December 26, 2016
Phantoms Of Gun Control
[It’s all Potemkin Villages.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Charles C.W. Cooke

  1. You’ll know what they’re doing by observing their accusations. They’ve long accused us of faking grass roots interest and of having front groups for large, monied interests seeking profit.

    The notion of millions of individuals seeking liberty for liberty’s sake eludes them, yet the evidence is all around. We actively oppose the Progressive authoritarians for example, even while acknowledging them as a major factor in our success in the sale of guns and related products. The NRA has had no better “friend”, in terms of recruitment, than Obama and the Clintons, and yet have campaigned against them with vigor.

    Democrat/Marxist/authoritarian organizations strive to become large and powerful– Once they win, they’ll control everything. A proper libertarian organization strives to become irrelevant– Once they win, their purpose will be fulfilled and they can disband.

    The authoritarian can in no way ever understand the latter, and so he will hatefully and sarcastically accuse the libertarian of being an authoritarian in tawdry disguise.

    Such is the way of the world.

  2. all for voltaire, … , even yet. to impress “the ones” with superior sensibilities. me, i don’t have superior sensibilities …. i kind of rely on the time tested ones. like preserving my scrawny old ass, first and foremost.

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