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We’ll know the size of their penis by checking out the size of their assault weapon.

SqueekyLeaks‏ @squeekyleaks
Tweeted on February 11, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from Linoge.

One has to wonder why they need to know the penis size of random people. And if they really do have a need why would they examine the contents of someone’s gun safe in a silly attempt to determine it?

It’s just another data point which illustrates how messed up their “thinking” is.—Joe]


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  1. I own both a Lee Enfield, complete with bayonet, and a Ruger 10/22 in a Hogue folding stock.

    I presume that they will judge me while I am both hard and soft, based on my firearms.

    We won’t talk about my Glock 42.

  2. If I were to write, “We’ll know the size of their vaginas by checking out the size of their protest sign”, that would be a hate crime.

  3. If a reason ever exists for a dipshit like this to even SEE my “assault weapon,” his concern should not be regarding my penis size, but whether he can get out of my sight picture before his question is moot.

  4. (well if we can once and for all establish a rigorous definition of “assault weapon” it is very testable.

    • …which will never happen, because the whole purpose of the term “assault weapon” is to obfuscate, lie, and cheat.

      • Of course. I think, however, that the 1994 Federal one would suffice for research purposes. I predict no statistically significant correlation will be established.

  5. “…their penis…” apparently refers to one, collective penis, shared among men. Shall we overlook the poor grammar as a possible indicator of the author’s general level of understanding, should we give credit for literacy and thus assume a deeper meaning, a reference to a sort of allegorical or metaphorical, collective “penis”, or is that simply a pardonable, typographical offense?

    Somewhat to my disappointment, I have often found it futile to ask for clarification in such instances, the subsequent replies being progressively less coherent than the original statement. So too is there reference to an apparent, shared, or collective, “assault weapon”. Two such examples in one sentence could be an indication of intent with a deeper understanding or meaning– We may be facing one of some higher level, literary achievement and application which we fail to understand. That or a gibbering idiot, or tool. One cannot always be sure.

    Then there is Noam Chomsky, who can gibber his idiocy with unrivaled eloquence and sophistication. He’s a true educated idiot if ever there was one. He can bury the simple truth, and all semblance of reason, in a thousand, beautifully arranged words, with perfect grammar and impeccable spelling. All Progressives should study his works.

    • Too many people use “their” as a singular pronoun. Even when the gender of the reference is unambiguous (as in this case). And even when the writer is a non-PC writer. Apparently the habit has been forced into almost every brain by pervasive leftist propaganda. I try to remind people whenever possible that the grammatically correct English neutral possessive pronoun is “his”.

  6. So there’s a correlation between weapon size and penis size, is there?

    Which one of my guns has the correlation? And how do you know?

    Bottom line: if guns make you think of penises, that’s your problem, between you and your therapist. And if you think that penis size is the reason for owning a gun, that says more about your lack of imagination than anything.

    (It’s like saying that the only reason not to vote for Hillary is that she’s a woman. If that’s the only reason you can possibly imagine, you need to get out more and, you know, talk to people.)

    • Plenty of people voted for the Hildabeast precisely because she has a vagina. The Venn diagram of them and those that despise the Second Amendment and those that think penis size and gun size are correlated is close to a full overlap.

      They are sick, twisted, perverted despots who need to spend more time with their sex toys and less time annoying the adults.

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