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For now the citizens of the United States live in two separate realities. As a hypnotist, I doubt any of us can see reality for what it is. My worldview is that we were in one kind of illusion before and some of us moved to another. When it comes to understanding reality, the best we can do is pick a version that does a good job predicting.

My view of reality predicts that the Hitler illusion will wear off in time because Trump keeps refusing to do Hitler-like things. Check my prediction at the end of Trump’s term. I think you’ll see his popularity continue to improve from here.

Scott Adams
December 10, 2016
The Time That Reality Forked Right in Front of You
[Interesting observation.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams

  1. My prediction is that those who are calling Trump Hitler will hate Trump as much or more in four years as they do now. That’s based purely on memory. I didn’t have to choose a reality for that one.

    The Democrat/Media machine hated Reagan going in, for example, and they continue to hold on to a negative image of him today. GW Bush was hated when they knew little about him, and then the hate was only amplified throughout his eight years.

    Furthermore, since Hitler was a big Progressive, and since the Bush family and Donald Trump are also big progressives, there are and always will be more than enough commonality there to call any Progressive Republican a Hitler.

    Not that it takes much commonality at all though. If Hitler ever noted the color of the clear sky as being blue, and if Trump were ever to make any comment about a blue sky, then; “SEE? SEE? SEE?… Trump agrees with HITLER!!!”

    Since the image of Reagan as a monster never wore off, there’s no way the image of Trump as a monster will wear off. Sure there are those who will change their minds, and some already have, but the Progressive Media narrative will hold on tight to the lies as they always have, and even double down on them in some cases.

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