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An emotional part of me would welcome them being scooped up, a la Soylent Green, shoved into camps, and exterminated. Just so they SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop wasting things we need, like tax money, food and air.

The rational part of me understands that once that line is crossed, it never ends–there’s always someone else “unfit” who needs eliminated.

So if such righteous justice were instigated, I’d be put into the position of opposing it.

December 9, 2016
What I Hate Most About The “Tolerant” “Left.”
[The never ending list of the “unfit who need to be eliminate” is what happened in the USSR. They murdered tens of millions before the system finally shutdown after the death of Stalin. That isn’t the only example of the 20th Century but it’s one of the better known and documented ones.

Don’t ever forget there are certain inalienable rights all humans have.—Joe]


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  1. There’s also the not as extreme example of the US interning Japanese during WWII but one almost no one knows about is that the British put the families of Boer fighters into cramped, unsanitary, and undersupplied camps to demoralize them and get them to surrender..

  2. That is one of the differences between left and right; the right knows what the endgame looks like (that there is always one more extremest anti-revolutionary group that needs to be “dealt with”) to oppose such solutions, but the left either ignores that saying “it’ll be different this time with US in charge!”, or they embrace that fact as a feature, not a bug.

    It’s sort of like playgrounds eliminating the most dangerous toy / play-structure. The danger of teeter-totters makes the news, and stats are collected to prove it’s the most dangerous structure to your child’s health on the playground. They first get eliminated from any new playground plans, then get removed from existing playgrounds. A few years later the data shows that merry-go-rounds are the most dangerous, and they see the same cycle of removal. Then it’s swings, which got removed around here about six years ago. There will always be a “most dangerous” that someone is willing to sue over, and a cowardly bureaucrat willing to take the easy way out. Pretty soon recess isn’t any fun, nor any use, and schools become a places for little brains and bodies to whither away but not quite die enough to sue anyone. And the admins pat themselves on their backs for their “success,” where their product freak out over losing an election and need “safe spaces” and coloring books *in college*.

  3. That is the problem, isn’t it: It is entirely compatible with liberty for a like-minded group of people to go somewhere and live collectively, should they so choose. The reverse is not true. I have a pretty good idea which version I prefer.

    • In other words; we the liberty-minded are content to leave others alone, even if we disagree with their lifestyle, whereas the authoritarian-minded can NEVER leave us alone.

      Thus, over time, we lose.

      It is incumbent on us to be absolutely clear, as often as is practicable, where we stand. The U.S. Declaration of Independence is a good example of that; “These are our principles, which we declare as self-evident based on natures laws and thus the laws of the Creator of nature, here are examples of such principles being violated as a matter of course, and here’s what we’re doing about it even if we die trying.”

      It is unacceptable to oppose this or that without first, and repeatedly, stating what it is we advocate and why. On that point also, we have been inconsistent, wishy-washy, inattentive and weak, and for that reason and that reason alone we have seen a hundred years of Progressive creep in the direction of communism. All that's needed to restore (rather, enact for the first time, really) American principles as the one instrument for the security of a free state. We have the one, best example of such in the Declaration, and none better has ever been assembled.

      It would be best, therefore, to study, know, and understand how America, the only government in history founded (no matter how imperfectly) for the express purpose of securing equal, unalienable rights, came to be.

      As for that "emotional part of you"; all it needs is a little bit more anger, from witnessing a little bit more injustice, or horror, and/or pain, maybe on a very personal level, and you'll cross that line, becoming that very thing which you claim now to oppose. That's how the game works. That's the leverage point, the tool, which will separate you from reason, and from principles.

      The bully pokes and prods until his victim is converted. Now your allegiance is shifting, and you'll assume your place in the chain of command in the authoritarian system. You may not even know you've been converted until much later. That's the game, and it almost always works. You become that which you hate, and that which you end up hating more than anything is the truth of the matter, along with the those who speak of it.

      The simplest and most readily observed example is the abusive, alcoholic father whose children grow up to become abusive alcoholics. His son hates him, vows to himself to be everything he is not, and inadvertently becomes much like him via ways he does not understand. The traumatized individual often becomes a traumatizer. It doesn't always happen that way, but it often does, and so; as the authoritarian state ramps up its frequency and scope of offense, it gains new (witting or unwitting) allies, and grows in size and boldness.

  4. Throwing them into a camp is counter to what they need. In a camp they are fed and housed for free. One merely need cut the tethers of other peoples money and property and suddenly, quiet on it’s own, the Natural Law of God kicks in. Yes, they will curl up in the fetal position for 2 days but then hunger, shelter, warmth, safety all kick in. Humans are remarkable, we must be taught to be slaves but freedom is inherent, of God, and automatic once the human is made to be free.

    Did I say ‘merely’ cut the tethers. If only.

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