11 thoughts on “The party of hate

  1. and these twerps accuse every one else of having tiny peckers. “it is to laugh, it is to cry.” — bugs bunny.

    (i think all this crap rolls off of her like water on a duck’s back. it doesn’t bother her one bit. she knows and idiot when she sees one, and understands an idiot when he or she speaks.)

  2. So they are doing the things they accuse Trump of doing.
    How misogynistic! How sexist!
    How invisible to the true believers.

    • The book SJWs Always Lie has the third rule: SJWs always project.

      A good indicator of what they are doing or thinking is what they accuse you of doing.

      • I can’t help it, every time I see the initials SJW, I read them as “Social Justice Whiners”. 🙂

  3. But I thought they were all for “breaking the glass ceiling”.

    I guess it’s only OK when their gal does it.

    And that, dear friends, is called “hypocrisy”.

    • If the “wrong” woman breaks the glass ceiling it doesn’t further the cause, and in that case, is it really broken?

  4. With all due respect and freely admitting that I am not an expert on social media so I may be misunderstanding the situation but l did not recognize any of the names of those making the “Rude, crude and socially unacceptable comments” so I am assuming that they are essentially random people who are leftist/liberal/progressive.

    I daresay that the same or similar sort of comments exist in the opposite direction, insulting people who are leftist/liberal/progressive from people who are rightwing/conservative. As most of the people reading this blogs/responses are.

    A extremely small number of “libtards” can make ALL leftist/liberal/progressive look bad while and extremely small number of “bubbas/gun nuts” can make all rightwing/conservative people look bad.

    Meanwhile those in the middle (the ones we need to convert to OUR side BTW) read the worst of these comments and think both sides are immature and need adult supervision.

    Just a thought, we may now return to much more fun subjects such as firearms and extreme reactive targets.


    • The difference is that those on the left are the ones making a big virtue-signaling show of their tolerance for diversity and difference. A critical distinction. Those on the right support free speech, and a “leave me alone” attitude, for which such comments (while impolite) are not hypocritical.

      • Yes, you are 100% correct regarding the insults being hypocritical for the left and contradicts their stated aim of “inclusion”, “we are stronger together” and “strength through diversity”.

        However, as you agreed, such statements are impolite and do not reflect well on either side that uses them regardless of how hypocritical they are to one side or the other. If we truly are better than our opponents (which I do believe we are) then I think we should act like it and try not to appear offensive to those who have not made up their mind and are looking around.

        Again just a personal opinion, as always I could be wrong.

  5. “and try not to appear offensive to those who have not made up their mind and are looking around.”

    There are two parts to that statement.

    “try not to appear offensive”
    Simply not acting cowed, embarrassed, or servile, to the idiots on the left, is enough to seem offensive to them. Acting like that is exactly what they desire, and require. Screw that.

    “those who have not made up their mind and are looking around.”
    You seem to think there is a large body of unattached people wandering around that is politically separate from everyone else. This is wrong. Those who haven’t thought much about the world automatically fall into the left’s camp. Actually, I suspect that this describes most of the left. Just that some are more fanatical about how they perceive reality, and have invested a large portion of their ego into propping up their fantasy world.

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