Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

Seen in this light, Obama’s greatest regret is one of freedom’s clearest victories. The Second Amendment survived his presidency.

AWR Hawkins
December 8, 2016
Obama Tells CNN His Greatest Regret Was Failure To Secure More Gun Control
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

  1. Obama’s greatest legacy is generating more interest and guns and shooting than anyone. NSSF should give him a bonus.

  2. I saw a TV guide listing on Dish last night, for a documentary entitled something like: “Obama: The Legacy of his Presidency” or something like that. It was a two-hour show. I thought at the time, “Wow, I can’t see that lasting more than 5 minutes!”

    Does bad stuff count towards legacies?

  3. If you’re willing to kill your own mother to get a hold of a gun. What laws can you pass to stop someone? Also, does anybody have the a link to the original CNN article?

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