3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—OCAGV @ohioceasefire

  1. And of course, by “No to guns” we mean;
    “No to guns in the hands of the good, the productive, and the honest. Criminals, tyrants and foreign enemies of course will always be armed, and that’s perfectly OK because we’re on their side.”

    See? What originally sounded like gibberish makes perfect sense after you translate it from Left-Speak to English. You just have to understand their language.

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that leftists make no sense, that they fail to understand the world, or that they lack common sense. It’s just that they’re on the other side, opposed to liberty and against humanity.

  2. I think they look forward to these killings, it’s another excuse to attack the people they hate, citizens.

  3. “No to Guns Everywhere.”

    Actually I have to agree with the technical meaning of that statement. I don't want guns everywhere; certainly not in my microwave oven, for example. If they were everywhere, they'd be in my garden getting stuck in the roto-tiller, tripping me up on the stairs, and suchlike. It would be terribly inconvenient, and so, guns everywhere is a bad idea. Good thing no one is advocating it.

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