Plan or scam?

Why are progressives so violent?

Via Tyler Durden:

A website hosted on the Dark Web claims to be asking for Bitcoin donations and “expert advice” to help fund the assassinations of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. 

According to CSO, which first uncovered the “murder-for-hire” site, the darknet portal went live last week and calls for assistance to fund an assassination attempt against Trump, and features an image of the president-elect in crosshairs. The website is located on the Dark Web, and can be accessed only using the Tor browser, which masks IP addresses.


It would be entirely consistent with the character of progressives, but my best guess is that this is a scam.


7 thoughts on “Plan or scam?

  1. why are progressives so violent?

    it is simple. they cannot get what they want, which is power, by reason, logic and persuasion. mostly, because people are pretty good at understanding when they are being bullshitted.

    that leaves one other route to power. and, that is force, and violence.

    it is just that simple and that straightforward. to the progressive, if you want it, you take it.

    john jay

  2. The typical leftist lacks the skills to access the dark web…..thus the odds of this
    being a legit effort are not insignificant. Someone had to go to some effort to post this. Trump is probably at higher risk of being assassinated than any president in recent history.

  3. The ‘dark web’ and TOR is well known to have been compromised by our ‘Letter’ agencies, almost from their inception.
    A rumor circulating around some circles is that they actually developed TOR so it and the ‘dark web’ could be hacked at will.
    Take that for what you make of it.

    • Your comment reminds me of the bizarre claim that PGP was compromised by 3 letter agencies, on the grounds that it was permitted out of the USA. (Never mind the fact that Phil Zimmerman was threatened with serious jail time for doing so…) If you have any evidence or source citations for the claim of compromise, that would be very useful.

      It’s not a rumor who developed TOR. It’s quite explicitly stated that it was originally conceived by US Naval Research. As I understand it, they found anonymity useful for some of their work. The concept is rather obvious, of course.

  4. Were I in the Secret Service, and I saw professionally agitated, violent protests directed against my principal, I just might set up a fishing net to see who would swim into it.

    Easier it is to catch nutjobs off the internet than in person, when they start shooting from a crowd at a political rally.

  5. If the site were outed as being set up by a email address, the public still wouldn’t know if it is a dragnet or an actual conspiracy site.

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