Quote of the day—Greg Hamilton

Modern Progressives, SJWs, and most politicians attempt to build in the world of words. Obama is a perfect example. We just say or don’t say certain things and they will spring to life, or cease to exist.

Muslim terrorism (the world of atoms), or the Obamacare website (the world of bits) We just SAY there is a line-in-the-sand, we just SAY refugees are vetted, we just SAY Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, we just SAY you can keep your doctor, we just SAY health care will be better and prices will drop; we just SAY those things and then they will just magically happen. Or if they don’t, we just ignore it and say some new things.

SJWs do this, they think name-calling is the same as a physical thing. That it rearranges atoms and builds or destroys.

The world of words is the ultimate in magical thinking.

This is what kind of world people that have never done a physical thing live in. Never created a thing that didn’t exist prior: Electricity, food, housing, cars, roads, the mail, travel, even the order or society, morals, all of it; all are just magical things that just happen.

If there is privilege, going through life where every single thing dealing with your survival and comfort just magically happens, would be it.

Greg Hamilton
Founder and Chief Instructor InSights Training Center
Facebook post on December 2, 2016


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Greg Hamilton

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    What’s more, Obama KNOWS that his promises are empty… but he still seems to believe in the power of words. (And perhaps he’s justified — people have listened to him, for most of his life, meaning that his words really did have impact.)

    Of course, the paradox is that another person’s words have power… so long as we, the listeners, believe they do. If we start to believe that they’re just empty words, not worth changing our actions for, then that’s all they are.

    The SJWs are hoping we don’t figure that out.

  2. Spot. On. Who is this man and how can we reward him?

    Although my comment on libs has always been that they seem to regard reality as their own little experimental simulation, and that it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d just try their whacky ideas in The Sims or Civilization instead of foisting them on the rest of us.

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