The next level of surveillance

Via Bruce Schneier:

Here, we develop an approach to translate chemistries recovered from personal objects such as phones into a lifestyle sketch of the owner, using mass spectrometry and informatics approaches. Our results show that phones’ chemistries reflect a personalized lifestyle profile. The collective repertoire of molecules found on these objects provides a sketch of the lifestyle of an individual by highlighting the type of hygiene/beauty products the person uses, diet, medical status, and even the location where this person may have been.


Perhaps the next level beyond this will be similar type of analysis of the air around you. Imagine going through airport security and the scanning machine blows air over you and determines your health, how recently you fired a gun, what pets you have, your DNA as well as that of your spouse, children, and mistress.


5 thoughts on “The next level of surveillance

  1. People keep calling me while I’m hunting and butchering, so right now my phone has blood, hair, dirt, gore, urine, sweat, bullet grease, Balistol and powder residue on it. That shit on my phone, it means don’t fuck with me.

    I’ll just tell any scheming, quivering, busy-body twerps that up front, and thereby save them the trouble of using strenuous methods to find out.

  2. My pants pockets actually lead a much more exciting life than I, the wearer of the pants, ever do.

  3. These instruments are decades or more from being applicable in a real-time screening method. You must apply a separatory method prior to the mass spec, and you also must have an inkling of what you’re looking for.

  4. Go watch “Gattica”, and contemplate ye upon the future we seem helpless to avoid building.

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