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A summer camp operated by the al-Quds militant group has trained more than 30,000 children this summer to carry out terrorist attacks using various knives and firearms, according to a new report by an organization that monitors activity in the Middle East.PalestinianChildTerrorist

Adam Kredo
August 8, 2016
Terrorist ‘Summer Camp’ Trains Children in Stabbing, Firearms
[H/T to Robert J. Avrech.

Ohio State anyone?

Our enemies are training their children to murder innocent people. We should be training everyone to defend themselves and others. Simultaneously we need to get rid of the gun free zones.—Joe]


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  1. As abhorrent as it may be, we also need to be prepared to potentially shoot a kid. We’ve all read about situations like that in American Sniper, or situations in Vietnam, where a seemingly innocent woman or child detonated a bomb or wielded an AK. This is no different.

  2. It is hard to teach people to kill others. Really hard. Starting young may help, I don’t know. But I bet a lot of those kids are going to go through the terrorist murder training and come out the other side realizing the trainers are the biggest assholes in the world. Dangerous assholes, but definitely assholes.

    • I think you are correct; as people get older they generally gain perspective that encourages respect for life among other changes. Unfortunately, this does not happen at a time certain, to use the legal phrase, and with so many incipient warriors trained as lone wolves (effectively stay-behinds, like the German Werewolves) we can’t be sure when that realization will occur, or if it will occur in a timely manner.
      You say you bet a lot of the trainees will come to that realization, but you are literally betting your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of fellow citizens that the realization will occur in time to prevent the bloodshed and terror the training is intended to spread.

    • The problem is they are raised in a religion and immersed in a society that glorifies death over life, and that teaches supremacy over those who aren’t members of that religion and society. They may think the trainers are assholes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t follow the training or will reject the mindset that prompted the training.

  3. Lone wolf training. They’re being taught, en masse, how to “self radicalize”. It’s the International Brotherhood of Lone Wolf Coordinators.

    In this country we call them “community organizers” or “Muslim outreach” programs. They’re populated in part by foreign enemy infiltrators (Civilization Jihadists) which we call “refugees”. We give them tax exempt status as charities. If you’re opposed to any of it you are a xenophobe who hates the first amendment, and are thus unAmerican.

  4. The most dangerous part is instilling the belief that killing infidels is both a religious duty and a guarantee to Paradise in the afterlife…

      • Then again, there is a reason why all militaries recruit teenagers. That they are often more physically able is only one reason. Just as important is that they’re more easily indoctrinated, and controlled, through emotion. My recent, full realization of the institutionalized emotionalism that exists in our own military; I find it disturbing. It’s not right. I assert that it (institutionalized emotionalism in the military) is the primary reason why there are so many veterans with PTSD. I could go into the details, but most or all of you would protest. In short; a person’s response to a traumatic experience (good or bad) will depend on his previous, general emotional tendancies.

        In the case of the suicide jihadist, it doesn’t matter; he kills, he dies. Done. All they need is a regular supply of young, impressionable men to use as tools, which they have aplenty.

        • A good book on the topic is On Killing by LtCol Dave Grossman.

          One of the more pernicious aspect of Islam in particular is the allowing of multiple wives. It virtually guarantees a constant and large supply of “surplus” young men with no prospects to get laid let alone married, and a deep desire to “prove” themselves.

    • And yet it’s called racist and islamophobic to even talk about such things, let alone support such a concept.

      Perhaps there should be bill proposed, the “Islamic refugee placement act.” It would require the Representatives and Senators who think we should continue accepting islamic immigrants / refugees take them in their own states and districts. No refugee could be placed in a state if either Senator votes against them. If both senators support letting them in, then they can only be placed in the house districts in that state of the Representatives that voted to continue to allow them in, preferably within five miles of the representative’s own home. A NY representative can’t virtue-signal to let them in with the plan on placing them in Idaho where the locals don’t want them. They have to put their own districts at risk. They get put down the street, and they have to deal with the consequences personally.

      • Sounds like a plan to me.
        If you don’t play the game, have skin in the game, don’t make the rules.

  5. FYI: al-Quds is the Arabic term for Jerusalem. It comes from a phrase in the Koran, meaning “the highest place”, i.e. where Muhammad and his horse Buraq started their nighttime journey.

    That a group calling itself “al-Quds” is training children to murder… well, that’s suggestive, isn’t it? It tells you their intended destination.

    (And yes, the Israelis know all about this.)

  6. “Disarmed victim zone”. Not “gun free zone”.

    The Ohio case worked out fairly well. It’s important to emphasize at every opportunity that this was pure luck: an armed policeman happened to be nearby by coincidence, because he had been called to the area for an unrelated reason. Under normal circumstances, response time would have been far longer, and of course the victims were all disarmed by government policy.

    I’d also point out that state universities are agents of the government (obviously) and for that reason subject to the restrictions imposed on the government by the Constitution. That in particular includes the 2nd amendment. And come to think of it, I’d argue the same for private universities since they too are agents of the government, except for the very rare ones like Hillsdale College that take no government funds.

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