Quote of the day—Tracie

Did I get it?

November 26, 2016
This was after her first shot with a rifle. Which was at two pounds of explosives from 30 yards away.

[I’ve blogged about Tracie and Kurt before (see also here). A few months ago they were new shooters. On Saturday they came to Idaho for a Boomershoot Private Party and shot boomers. In the dark.

My answer to Tracie was, “I think so. Do you want to try again?”—Joe]


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  1. Odd. I just “upgraded” my browser (Pale Moon 27.0.1, a FireFox derivative ) and Flash player (, and now it’s having trouble playing youtube videos. Also seems to have problems in IE (v 11), but it’s OK in Brave. Anyone else?

  2. That looks like some fun alright. The apparent mud on the hood of that vehicle is a nice detail.

    What could be better than shooting boomers? Shooting boomers in the dark of course.

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