Sign up for the New York Bubble

Saturday Night Live did a surprisingly insightful ad for “The Bubble”

That’s right out of the “right wing” talk show sarcasm circuit. If Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh got together, they’d have come up with the same ad. Who thought of that? How did it get past the network editors?

5 thoughts on “Sign up for the New York Bubble

  1. Cubs win the World Series and Brooklyn becomes the pop culture center of the country. Please dinosaur killing asteroid, come quickly.

    • Brooklyn has always been the pop culture center of the country, and the rest of the universe — in the minds of Brooklynians. Same goes for California in the minds of Californians, and several other populations in several other places.

      For myself I don’t give a whit about pop culture except insofar as I can avoid it.

      To succeed in pop culture is to fail in life– That much is clear to pretty much everyone, except for those who succeed in pop culture. Hence the problem.

      • Ever considered that bubbles “pop?” That’s what happens to the pop-culture bubble when it runs into reality.


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