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  1. What is it with all this calling people sissies, making jokes, as rude as possible, about gender identification, masculinity or a lack thereof, and suchlike? Weren’t we supposed to be all super duper careful about avoiding that kind of talk?

    We’ve talked a lot on this blog, for many years, about the projection coming from the left, but now I think that the scale, the level, the degree of projection is much greater and more pervasive than I had suspected. Projection seems to identify the left, to explain everything it stands for and everything it stands against.

  2. Well, William Stone(d), let’s see how effective your oversized pecker is against an armed robber!

    • No, he’s going to “point and laugh” at the criminal and then he will get robbed, raped, and shot.

      Hey though, he has the “moral high ground” by not defending himself with a super gross and icky firearm.

      I certainly hope there is no one around who depends on him for their protection, like a wife and daughters.

    • I was thinking the same thing! When I was a newly minted lawyer I was involved in a very acrimonious divorce, and both parties had body guards, and the leader of our client’s body guards asked us if anyone was carrying, so I said, “Tom, are you packing?”
      He replied, “My mouth is my weapon,” which is a good answer for a lawyer. Another of the body guards said, “just try stopping a bullet with it.”

  3. Some people want to believe that talking is as good as action, if not better. (Sometimes they’re right – they yell and scream and ridicule, and they get results, because we cave in to them.)

    That’s why they ridicule. Talk is just about the only tool they have.

    What they don’t realize is that we have it too.

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