Quote of the day—John R. Lott

Since at least 1950, every single one of Europe’s public mass shootings has occurred in a place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In America, there have been only four exceptions to that rule.

John R. Lott
November 16, 2016
It’s already too late for gun control to work
[And what can we learn from this?—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—John R. Lott

  1. From this of course we learn (if we’re pretending that we didn’t know already) that gun restrictions work as designed; to empower and encourage the criminal element.

    Some would counter that obvious truth, of course, by bringing up the “good intentions” of those who advocate conspiracy to violate the inherent right to bear ams, and then I would counter that by pointing out the fact that criminals often have themselves convinced that they’re doing good. That they are delusional doesn’t change the fact that they’re criminals, that we must be protected from them, that they belong in a cage, or should hang, etc.

    A criminal who believes he’s doing good is actually much worse than the criminal who knows he’s doing wrong, because he’ll be able to convince others to go along, and support him, and raise him to positions of power, and so on. So no; don’t give them a pass for good intentions. You’re dealing with sociopaths, the criminally insane, rather than just the common criminal.

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