Quote of the day—Kambree Kawahine Koa

President-elect Trump has better coverage than Verizon. Can you hear us now?


Kambree Kawahine Koa
Tweeted on November 9, 2016
[Via email from Paul Koning.

The way the cell phone providers measure coverage is in terms of “pops” (the population of people who live where they have cell phone service from that carrier). So, technically, if you are measuring the “pops” in the red (Trump carried counties) the fact that large population centers did not vote for Trump probably means Verizon “pops” exceed Trump “pops”. But still it is a message the Democrat party heard. I’m not sure they understood it correctly and I’m not sure they will figure it out and respond appropriately, but they certainly did hear it.—Joe]


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  1. I believe the left heard the nation “five by one.” Loud, but not at all clear or understood. Judging by the lack of reflection or self awareness, the finger-pointing, poo-flinging, melt-downs, and denial, they are still in the first stage of grief and can’t accept or hear anything but their own echo-chamber anguish. As was put in other threads, “I haven’t seen the Dems this butt-hurt since the Republicans [passed the civil rights act | ended slavery ]”.

    • One clue is all the discussion about how to get their message across better — rather than discussion about what’s wrong with their message and what it should be instead. In other words, they are trying to figure out better ways to advertise warmism, and spreading of the misery, and government control of everything, to those who have so clearly rejected that baloney.

  2. This is pretty much a repeat of 2000, when the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) epidemic took hold. At that time, when Republicans were shoving this red/blue map in Democrats’ faces. The come-back, from Democrats who could still think at some rudimentary level, of course was in essence; real estate doesn’t vote, people do, so shut yer yap. The concept of “net getting the message out” was front and center at that time also. I keep wondering if anyone remembers all that, as we repeat it all today. This time around is actually mild by comparison. You will recall the batshit, fake outrage over the Florida ballot, the batshit, fake outrage over having the “first court-appointed president”, et al, which went on at full volume for months, and continues to reverberate even into 2016.

    It is wort repeating also, that the authoritarians don’t trust you to make your own decisions in daily life, in business, in educating your own children, in owning a gun, etc., etc., etc., etc., and so why would be so dense as to expect that they’d trust you to vote? They LOVE LOVE LOVE “democracy” so long as they’re getting their way, but when they lose, it’s the very definition of the destruction of democracy itself. We identified this phenomenon, in those words, at least 16 years ago. The Democrats themselves did it too, declaring democracy to be dead when the Progressive Bush 43 won.

    And that comes around to this idea of the fake choice. The authoritarians go ape-shit over a “loss” that results in a New York Progressive becoming president. From here I see you all as fucking bling dupes, celebrating over a Progressive win because there’s a “R” after his name all of a sudden. We’ll see soon enough. Hopefully I’ll be more wrong than I currently believe all of you are right now.

    • Memories fade but I don’t remember any riots or talk of intimidation of the electoral college in either of the Bush wins. Certainly there was talk of “leaving the country” but not a third of government employees. My impression is that this is much worse.

  3. That map shows results by county. It’s interesting in that it shows that Democratic party wins are concentrated on a very small part of the country. It’s not just that they have a few “blue states”, but in most of those, only a small part leans their way. About the only states that are fairly uniformly blue are MA, VT, and not quite as clearly CT and RI. But WA, OR, and even more clearly NV and NY have the blue concentrated in very small regions.
    Of course all this is just another way of saying that, except for those four New England states, Democrats are pretty much found only in big cities.

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