Trump Tzu

The Art of Trolling. The dude’s a master.

You may have heard that VP-elect Pence went to watch Hamilton. Now, there are a whole bunch of ironies about the show, a virtual cultural-appropriation-fest, but save that for another time. For whatever reason Pence and his wife went to see it. They were booed, there were a lot of pauses, and at the end of it the cast addressed the VP-elect directly.

Trump fired off a tweet saying he was harassed . He then demanded the theater must be a safe space and they must apologize! The left replied saying that he was being thin-skinned, and he should suck it up. They were trolled. They just made his argument for him, that the whole “safe space” thing is a total crock. They bring attention to it. It’ll make people talk about it, and possibly reconsider the whole thing. Talk about a master troller at work.

The next few years will be very interesting.

(edited and added: We should all know that theaters have not been a “safe space” for at least 151 years)


10 thoughts on “Trump Tzu

  1. “We should all know that theaters have not been a “safe space” for at least 151 years”

    Damn beautiful right there! I wonder how many people will get it? 🙂 I just stole that. Thank you!

  2. Not just that, the deeper thing is that nobody is talking about the Trump U settlement or anything else he’s doing right now.

    • That settlement was certainly a joke. It makes the DA look like even more of a fool than a partisan DA usually looks.

  3. You know that old expression “how about you tell us what you really think?”

    Apparently Trump just did. Face to face.

    I suspect he just gained another ten million votes for 2020.

    • Whaddaya wanna bet that after Trump got done unloading at CNN for being a network full of liars, he produced evidence of the absolute partisan nature of a series of reporters, anchors, editors and producers among all the attendees, and let them know that if that’s the kind of people they’re going to employ, they’re going to have to register as a PAC with the FEC and be monitored as such, money in and money out.

      Also PACs can’t get FCC licenses to broadcast on regulated spectrum, since they are, by definition, not operating in the public interest, but in narrow partisan interest.

      At some point, all those media business owners and executives will be regretting the chain of precedents that make all that possible, and think back fondly to the days of limited government and constrained government power that they helped to murder…

  4. Trump Tzu demonstrates his mastery of Trump-Fu.
    Savor the flavor of the grass, Grasshopper, and understand that foolish attacks reflect without honor upon the foolish attacker.

    • Yes!!! Troll-level: Presidential!

      Pretty soon the legacy media will not be able to respond to anything he tweets before they do a full investigation of everything anyone on the left has ever said that might be parallel to it, or he can just throw it back at them for hypocrisy.

      He baits the hook. He casts. Feels the line carefully… reels in slowly…. Feels the hit, sets the hook. Bite On!

      Beautiful… simply beautiful.

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